How to secure stone treads on a metal stairway.


The best and most effective way of securing stone treads on a metal stairway is to use an efficient heavy duty industrial adhesive that has instant grab and vice like permanent bonding effect. It needs to be non corrosive on metal and have sufficient flexibility to allow repositioning of treads with no slippage or bond integrity compromise. Stone or concrete treads traditionally have mechanical attachments that allow the treads to be screwed directly into position on the stairway stringer. Installation requires time and labour as well as precision manufacturing so bolt holes are aligned with stair tread bolts. Construction operatives have long mulled over the possibility of finding or discovering an alternative method of securing the concrete treads to the stairway. With the advent of powerfully strong adhesives their wish appeared to translate into their command – new industrial strength adhesive solutions had arrived to provide a feasible alternative solution to bolts and screws. Unfortunately trialling these adhesives revealed that they had certain drawbacks such as only temporary bonding effect, incompatibility with different materials, no product safe attributes or environmental compliance qualities and non resistance to water egression, UV and vibration. They seemed to create more problems than they solved,  leaving construction workers disappointed and disillusioned with adhesive efficiency as a potential method of heavy duty bonding. A seachange occurred however with the development of a revolutionary adhesive/sealant that challenges all the negatives of other less effective bonding agents.

A totally effective versatile industrial adhesive has been developed.

Construction operatives in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Norway are endorsing a revolutionary heavy duty adhesive as the ‘go to’ product of choice for all industrial type bonding applications. Power Grab N Bond, from CT1, has received amazing accolades from building workers and other industrial operatives as the most versatile and effective bonding agent to the Construction and other Industries. This uniquely formulated adhesive is based on CT1’s eponymous sealant /adhesive that has been aptly labelled the Snag List Eliminator by the Company. Its incredible bonding and safe credentials have been successfully transferred to the manufacture of Power Grab N Bond, endowing it with so many of the attributes missing from other less dependable heavy duty adhesives. This revolutionary industrial adhesive which was specifically developed for the Construction Industry, possesses exceptional instant grab and curing strength and is proving to be the most versatile industrial bonding agent on the market. The DIY sector has embraced it as the most efficient and cost effective means of heavy duty bonding – exemplifying astronomical strength and easy application. Designed for vertical bonding applications its efficiency makes it the ideal solution for securing stone treads to a metal stairway. You simply apply beads of this water resistant adhesive to the stone tread and press it firmly down onto the metal stair fixings for a vice-like strong joint that is as tough as the metal itself. It is water and vibration resistant, solvent free and complies with environmental and food standards but most importantly it does not crack, shrink or disintegrate under any conditions. It bonds effectively with practically any material providing a permanent bonding solution for securing stone treads to a metal stairway.

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