How to seal window frames successfully

Sealing window frames effectively and safely with an environmentally friendly sealant product presents the challenge of finding a solution that meets the full criteria for the most efficient sealant available to both the Construction Industry and the DIY sector. You have to be mindful of the materials being bonded and how they react to different adhesive/ sealants currently on the market. Unfortunately there has not been a one fits all solution out there and many products fall short on expectations across a comprehensive list of essential criteria for successful bonding. Window frames are generally made of wood, UPVC, aluminium, fibreglass or composite materials. It is essential to use a sealant that is compatible with the particular material to guarantee effective bonding and sealing of the frame to the block, brick, wood or other material surround into which it is being fitted.


UPVC has presented a real challenge in this context since its composition requires adhesives and sealants with specific bonding attributes. Most construction adhesives do not like PVC since the plastic is formulated with resins heavily compounded with additives to improve its properties. Wood frames  compared to metal frames contract and shrink with temperature fluctuations and are best sealed with an efficient product that has a high elongation rate and allows for expansion in their bond line. The reality historically with sealant adhesives used in sealing window frames generally, is generic weaknesses in one area or another. Some provide good initial adherence which is compromised unfortunately by extreme weather conditions and temperature changes that effectively cause the sealant to shrink and crack. There is also the questionable integrity of products that are neither safe nor environmentally friendly and whose use defies their justification.


Up until quite recently it has been impossible to source a sealant adhesive that fulfils all the criteria for an effective, safe and environmentally friendly product – a one size fits all solution. That situation has thankfully been transformed with the development of a revolutionary new sealant adhesive that ticks all the performance, safety and green criteria boxes to provide an efficient and successful solution for sealing window frames, satisfying both the Construction Industry and the DIY sector. Travis Perkins are a major stockist of this amazing product and endorse its claim to be a revolutionary single solution for all your sealant adhesive requirements.


A revolutionary new sealant for window frames


C Tec have invented and produced a revolutionary sealant adhesive that bonds all organic and synthetic man-made components, even in wet conditions. CT1 is a game changer for the Construction Industry and DIY sector and has quickly become every tradesman’s go to sealant and adhesive. This intensively researched and developed product joins the C Tec family of illustrious sealants and adhesives designed specifically for the Construction Industry and distributed throughout Western Europe and Scandinavia.


As a unique hybrid polymer it is effective on all materials except polypropylene and bonds very effectively with aluminium, lead, masonry, brick, wood block and many others, whilst retaining a certain malleability that allows it to contract and expand in extreme temperatures without losing its bonding integrity. Its long lasting yet flexible bonding makes it perfect for sealing window frames made of any material. Its strong bond is equivalent to heat welding or solvent cementing yet has an elongation rate of 35% which allows for wood shrinkage and contraction. Its formulation provides an adhesive/sealant solution that replaces several products in one providing an excellent construction bond. It bonds wood to metal, UPVC to concrete block or brick, Vinyl, Fibreglass and composite materials to wood or masonry. Its environment friendly credentials are notable as it contains no aggressive substances and even has food approval certification.


Its technical prowess, with a high grab efficiency of 265n per cm squared, sets it apart as a very special bonding agent and sealant that can even seal effectively in under water conditions. CT1 comes in a handy cartridge and can be dispensed easily from a cartridge gun to the target area for gluing or sealing. When fitting window frames you simply apply a run of CT1 between the frame and the wall to which it is attached. Smooth it in position with a joint smoothing tool and allow it to cure naturally. You will have an effective and safe bonding, in a colour of your choice, that will compliment the colour of your window frame, providing a long lasting and efficient solution to sealing your window frames.

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