How to seal a wet room shower

Wet rooms – the must have facility for many modern home owners in rural locations, is no longer considered a luxury but rather a necessary convenience where exterior mud and mire can be extirpated as close to the back entrance as possible, to avoid soiling floors or furniture beyond that point. For those who have the space for such a practical home feature the only major concern is how to effectively seal the shower unit. In this particular scenario any envisaged sealant should not only be technically efficient but also safe and environmentally friendly. The safety criteria is essential where children are showering on a daily basis, so it is imperative to find a sealant product that meets the full criteria for effectiveness and safety combined. It is a real challenge to source such a solution among a selection of proprietary products that claim to be efficient sealant /adhesives but in reality are unsafe and lack green credentials. Technically the sealant needs to be capable of bonding metal and plastic to ceramic tiles, masonry and even plasterboard, the materials deployed in the erection of shower cubicles and wet rooms. It should have the property of withstanding wet conditions whilst continuing to retain its bonding capability and should possess the ability to retain its strength and flexibility in temperature variations. On the environmental and safety issue it should be odourless, solvent free and not contain any toxic substances or emit any nauseous fumes that could negatively impact the health of shower users. Travis Perkins now stock a sealant / adhesive that fulfils the criteria for an effective, safe and green product and has become the go to solution for sealing shower units as well as installing and repairing wet room tiles.

A revolutionary sealant / adhesive is now available to consumers.

For the past number of years a revolutionary sealant / adhesive invented and developed by CT1, the home of a very successful family of sealants and adhesives to the Construction Industry, has taken the sector by storm and has become the de facto go to product for tradesmen across the UK, Ireland and Europe. Its amazing reputation as the number one sealant / adhesive product precedes it and is endorsed by a growing community of CT1 adherents whose rave reviews claim that it actually does what it says on the metaphorical tin. The result of years of intensive research and development, this tried and tested sealing solution has proven to be an excellent product from every perspective. Technically, due to its unique formulation, it can bond any material to any other material with the exception only of polypropylene, providing a high grab factor of 265n per cm squared and providing a strong bond equivalent to heat welding or solvent cementing. It seals under water and retains its integrity in temperature extremes and wet conditions, providing a long lasting yet flexible bond that allows for any movement in surrounding materials. The flexibility allows for expansion in the bond line which has a particular relevance to materials like wood that contract and expand a lot compared to metal. This eponymous unique hybrid polymer provides an adhesive / sealant product that replaces several products in one. The fact that it was developed with safety and green considerations in mind as well as technical superiority, adds to its credibility a a one fits all sealing adhesive solution. From a safety perspective CT1 is odourless, solvent free and does not contain any nauseous components – characteristics that make it a safe product from a human contact point of view. It also boasts considerable green credentials such as environmental safe features including food approval certification. Used on mirrors it does not cause black spots like many other adhesives. Cartridge loaded CT1 is easy to dispense and control and can be directed smoothly to the exact target location by triggering the sealant / adhesive gun and manipulating the product flow. Trades people and DIY adherents have strongly endorsed this product since its inception, over the past five years, and glowing testimonials prove that CT1 is the most effective, safe and environmentally friendly sealant/adhesive on the market.

Travis Perkins are a major stockist of this amazing product in the UK,  testifying to the growing  consumer demand for and satisfaction with this revolutionary sealant adhesive..

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