How to seal a leaking water butt

If you have a leaking water butt it is essential to source a sealant that is not compromised by wet conditions and can also be applied under water without losing its lasting grab ability. Unsurprisingly it is a real challenge to find a product that complies fully with all the tick box criteria for an effective and safe product. The sealant solution should have a high tensile strength enabling it to tolerate a considerable pull force and should possess the necessary bonding qualities to ensure it is not compromised by weather or temperature extremes. With this particular application the sealant/adhesive should be flexible to tolerate any movement in the Butt’s plastic material whilst retaining its performance integrity.It should also have UV resistant qualities that prevent product shrinkage and expansion.

Many generic adhesive/sealant products are not adequately safe and are ineffectual in wet or underwater conditions, so it begs the question – is there anything out there that remotely complies with a comprehensive criteria for efficient performance and safety?

Fortunately there is a standout adhesive/sealant that has been specifically designed for the Construction Industry in the recent past. It is ideal for fixing the leak in a plastic water butt with either internal or external application The eponymous CT1 named after the Company that designed and developed the product is a revolutionary solution with a unique formulation that endows it with  many fine attributes that contribute collectively to its stable efficient performance in changing external conditions.

A new product is the ideal solution for plastic water butt repair.

The ideal solution for sealing a water butt leak is now available in the form of CT1. This eponymous product is the brainchild of CT1 and has been developed specifically for the Construction Industry as the ‘Snag List Eliminator’ –  a Company flagship sealant that is taking the Industry and DIY sector by storm as the most efficient product of its kind on the market. Having received accolades from a disparate client base across the UK, Ireland and Europe, this revolutionary sealant is flying off the shelves of the main stockists in the UK – Travis Perkins.

Not only does it do what it says on the tin but it glues and seals in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Performance wise, this solution rapidly bonds practically all materials together, with a curing time of 24 hours. The initial grab is extremely strong enabling instant bonding and sealing. Its sealing credentials are part of its unique formulation which is solvent free and safe – with no gaseous emissions or nauseous fumes. Its UV resistance endows it with the capability to retain its original integrity with no shrinkage or expansion so a water butt repair stays constant with no material or chemical change in the bonding process. The product can be applied to a wet surface and even under water conditions with equal positive effect. CT1 is a hybrid polymer with excellent resistance to chemicals, prevents fungal growth and also has resistance to vibration. Its environmental credentials include eco-compliance with an ECI and EC1A+Certificate. As a food safe product it conforms to basic ISEGA standards and is safe to use in the food and medical industry.

This sealant/adhesive solution is available in a no gun required dispenser, where product is delivered with the touch of a finger, doing away with the need for a caulking gun.

Travis Perkins is delighted to be UK main stockists of CT1 and look forward to supplying an ever growing customer base with this amazing adhesive/sealant product.

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