How to seal a leaking pipe in a lorry’s cooling system

By their very nature lorries are heavy vehicles with robust cooling systems that can handle a lot of wear and tear but unanticipated breakdowns can occur that can potentially immobilise the vehicle. The knock on effects have an obvious negative impact on delivery services and vehicle downtime will also impact customer expectations and company credibility, should services not be provided in line with those expectations. The response to any leak in the vehicle’s cooling system has to be immediate and should preempt any downtime in delivery schedules. You are really looking for a sealant that will perform an immediate fix but with permanent application. The solution needs to be safe in terms of providing protection against corrosion, providing lubricant components in the formulation to protect the mechanics of the cooling system. It also needs to be water based and non polymer so as to prevent any clogging in the system’s pipework and pump. It is imperative to find a sealant product that adheres strictly to all these technical requirements so its proficiency and effectiveness is safeguarded. There are quite a few proprietary sealants on the market but it is essential to choose one that ticks all the requisite technical boxes, particularly its ability to seal the leak securely and permanently. Finding that ideal product might take a lot of searching and cross referencing against positive customer reviews – it is worth the effort to find the right solution!

A solution has arrived to seal leaks in a lorry’s cooling system

That search for the perfect solution to sealing a leak in a lorry’s cooling system pipe has come to a productive conclusion. The Eponymous Miracle Seal from C Tec, the home of the Snag List Eliminator CT1 and a host of very successful adhesives and sealants to the Construction Industry, has arrived on the market. The brainchild of C Tec, this revolutionary sealant provides all the constituent components for the perfect safe and effective sealant. It seals from within the cooling system not only curing the immediate leak but preempting any other potential leaks by sealing the inside of all the pipework. Its unique formulation provides components that protect against corrosion, lubricate all the mechanical parts and seals and are compatible with all types of water based coolants. Other major attributes are its non clogging ability, its capability of working in the presence of antifreeze and its versatility in working efficiently in both copper and plastic pipes. To seal that leak in a lorry’s cooling system pipework you simply flush out the cooling system and open the heater valve, then keep the engine running while you pour the viscous brown Miracle Seal solution into the radiator or header tank. Ensure you shake the container well before pouring and keep the engine running a little while before topping it up with water. The leak will be sealed permanently saving you time money and the stress of moving the vehicle to a garage for expensive repairs.


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