How to seal a leak in a plastic radiator.

The automotive industry has moved away from metal or aluminium radiators with the deployment of plastic models in new vehicles. Though their life expectancy is only half that of their metal counterpart, the growing trend and transition towards plastic radiators in automotive vehicles is increasing. They can develop leaks due to various reasons such as : material weakness in a certain place and over expansion and high pressure within the radiator causing a crack and ensuing water leak. The challenge is how best to seal those leaks before serious damage is caused to the vehicle engine through overheating. Rising to that challenge has seen the arrival of a number of alternative sealant solutions but such proprietary products have fallen short on consumer expectation and performance leaving the industry to await a better solution. Having considered the issues surrounding leaks of this nature CT1 set about researching the most efficient sealant solution to water leaks. They invented a revolutionary sealant product that is proving a universal solution to all water leaks in heating and cooling systems. Adding to a family of very proficient sealant and adhesive products, CT1 have developed Miracle Seal, a liquid solution for repairing and sealing holes or cracks in heating systems. They have risen successfully to the challenge of manufacturing an organic water based sealant that seals pipes and water pumps without clogging the entire system. Moreover it seals plastic radiators permanently averting the need to revisit any potential leaks in the future.

A new efficient solution to sealing cracked plastic radiators.

Miracle Seal is a truly revolutionary invention from the company who developed a range of successful adhesive and sealant products to a host of industries and businesses. CT1 aspired to design and develop an effective sealant that would  fill a gap in the market that had not been successfully exploited. The result of an extended R and D campaign saw the introduction of an amazing sealant that is taking the industrial world by storm. Its unique organic formulation provides a leak solution that is water based, non corrosive, antifreeze compatible, non adhesive, non clogging and contains lubricating components. These elements combine to provide a sealant solution that has received great acclaim across Europe as the best ‘go to’ sealant on the market. Thanks to its amazing success rate among industrial operatives across many businesses, Miracle Seal is now endorsed by tradespeople, especially plumbers, in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Norway. CT1 actually manufacture their own product and market it across Europe. Such is its efficiency that those who have used it are loudly endorsing it as the best of its kind on the market. The fact that it coats the plastic radiator with a protective film mitigates any future potential leaks in the radiator. To apply this solution you simply empty the radiator of its original contents, open the heater valve, run the engine until warm, shake the bottle of MIracle Seal well and add to the radiator. You then run the engine for five minutes and top up with water. The sealant will seal the leak instantly enabling you to continue on your journey. The moral is – always ensure you have a supply of Miracle Seal in your vehicle for emergency leak repairs.


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