How to safely strip paint from wood

Paint stripping from wood can be a complex task that requires a lot of preparation, time and technical awareness. If you try to strip paint from wood with any random paint stripper, you could risk causing permanent damage to the wooden surface. Wood is very porous, which makes it more susceptible to damage when using things like harsh chemicals or thermal strippers. If you want to keep the natural look and texture of the wood, you need to use safe paint stripper such as Peel Tec from the creators of CT1.


Stripping paint from wood

If you want to safely strip paint from a wooden surface, you need to use a safe product that won’t damage the base material. Peel Tec is very easy to use. It doesn’t contain any dangerous vapours or leaves scratches in the wood following the initial application. Available in a handy aerosol, Peel Tec can be used by beginners and professionals alike because it is so convenient and simple to use. All you have to do is spray the gel-based formula onto the paint and within 10 minutes, watch the paint peel away! When it’s ready, grab your scraper tool and gently peel back the layers of paint from the wood. You’ll be left with a clean base that’s perfect for re-coating with a fresh layer of paint or varnish.


What type of wood can you strip with Peel Tec?

You might be wondering what kinds of wood you can safely strip using Peel Tec and it’s a good question! Thankfully, Peel Tec can be used with a long list of materials, which is just one advantage to its versatile formula. So, if you have a piece of old wooden furniture and you want to strip varnish from its surface, you’re in luck. Peel Tec is also great for stripping layers of paint or varnish that has been added to the wood over time.

You can use Peel Tec to strip any kind of wood, even wood that has been heavily carved. This includes furniture (both outdoor and indoor furniture), doors, door frames, window frames, window sills, floorboards, stair rails, banisters, antique furniture, and décor, skirting boards, fences and so much more.


Unsafe ways to strip paint (and why you should avoid them!)

While Peel Tec offers a safe and effective way to strip paint from wood, there are other options that are often used despite being dangerous. Sanding is a common method to remove paint from wood and pretty effective too. However, it can rub into the surface and cause damage such as scrapes and scratches. Hot air guns are also damaging to wooden surfaces and can literally burn the wood if you’re not careful. Chemical stripping can remove the paint eventually, but usually ends up causing damage to the base material.


If you want to safely remove paint from wood, use Peel Tec, the latest paint remover to join the C-Tec product range. Find your local distributor today!

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