How to Revamp Your Exteriors For Reopening

Is your venue getting ready to reopen after lockdown? If so, you’ll want to prepare the exterior ready to welcome patrons back with open arms. A refresh of your exterior can make a great impression on new and returning customers. Plus, as many people feel safer and more comfortable outside, an inviting outdoor space is more likely to bring people in and keep them around for longer.

One of the challenges with reopening after a long closure is cleaning up your venue and making it presentable to the public. There may be things you need to fix or that may come to your attention as needing some extra TLC. Exteriors are particularly vulnerable to disrepair as they face varying weather conditions, humidity and temperature changes, and even defacement.

Graffiti or other defacing articles can drastically tarnish your establishment’s reputation, so you’ll want to make it a priority to remove these first. However, cleaning graffiti can be tricky. Ideally, graffiti removal should be done as soon as possible (within the first 48 hours after it’s been applied), but this isn’t always feasible. With lockdown meaning you may not have visited your venue for some time, it could be months before you can finally remove it.

But thanks to C-Tec’s revolutionary paint removal product, you can trust that your venue will look clean and presentable again – no matter how long the graffiti has been present! Peel Tec is a powerful and innovative paint removing solution that gets amazing results when removing graffiti and other paint. All you need is a can of Peel Tec, a paint scraper, and ten minutes of your time.

Peel Tec is a non-aggressive paint stripper, so you don’t need to worry about harming the base material. We encourage you to do a test patch on the surface first, so you can proceed with your paint removal with complete confidence. Plus, it’s also kind to humans too! While many paint strippers contain dangerous vapours, Peel Tec is specially formulated without the harmful chemical Methyl Chloride. This makes it safe to use for both you and your surfaces.

The benefits of Peel Tec don’t stop there. As Peel Tec works to remove paint effectively on a range of materials and surfaces such as stone, concrete, brick, wood and other masonry surfaces, it’s the perfect product for helping spruce up many other items in your outdoor space and exteriors. So, if your paintwork on any of the following could do with removing and refreshing, look no further than Peel Tec…


  • Seating
  • Gates, fences and railings
  • Outdoor lights
  • Doors (including roller shutter doors)
  • Window frames
  • Pipes and gutters
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Pergolas and verandas
  • Outdoor ornaments

Just imagine what your outdoor space could look like if all of these had a fantastic fresh coat of paint! Peel Tec is fast-acting, so, it helps makes repainting projects far quicker and generates more professional results too.

Make your venue stand out once again with a product you can trust. Pick up your can of Peel Tec from our retail partner, Jewsons, today.

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