How to Replace Old Sealant to Help Prevent Drafts Around Doors and Windows

Using sealant to keep cold air from coming through your doors and windows is an excellent way to prevent drafts. However, old or inadequate sealant might not have the strength to effectively keep drafts and cold air at bay. Air leaks can waste money on energy and heating bills, especially during the winter months. The best and most cost-effective way to prevent drafts around doors and windows is to use a construction sealant like CT1 to seal cracks and replace any old sealant.

Why use CT1 to replace old sealant?

If you’d rather not hire somebody to replace the old sealant around your doors and windows, you can easily do it yourself using CT1. CT1 is the only product of its kind in the market with TRIBRID® Technology. This advanced technology has never been used before and gives CT1 360% more strength than traditional hybrid polymers. Not only that, but this new technology is scientifically proven to have excellent colour retention. So, if you have white window panels and you’re using CT1 to replace old sealant, there will be no stark colour difference between the two. Thanks to CT1’s TRIBRID® Technology, white stays white and clear stays clear.

There are many benefits to CT1, including its versatile strength and power. One of the reasons professionals keep reaching for CT1 is that this sealant adheres to virtually any material without needing additional fixings. Using CT1 saves time and money because you don’t need a host of tools by your side to complete applications such as replacing old sealant around doors and windows.

This sealant is completely odourless, and contains no solvents. You can easily use it yourself at home to get some jobs done around the house. if you’re stuck inside during lockdown, CT1 is the only tool you’ll need to catch up on repair and improvement tasks. It is UV resistant and weatherproof too, which means you can use it in the garden, for roof repairs, gutter leaks, and so on.

How to use CT1 to seal windows and doors

When you’re ready to start replacing old sealant with CT1 and help prevent drafts, it’s a good idea to clean up the area surrounding the door or window. Remove any dust if possible, and then grab a blade to help detach the old sealant. This might take some time, depending on how much old sealant is present. Once the old sealant has been removed, take your caulking gun with the CT1 cartridge inside and snip the tip to your chosen diameter. This way, you can enjoy a precise application when applying the new sealant.

Next, start to apply a bead of CT1 sealant along the window or door. The best way to do this is to start from a corner and work your way out in a straight line. When you’ve applied the new sealant, you can smooth it out with your finger for a nice, clean finish.


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