How to replace a loose tile in a bathroom.

When a tile becomes loose in a bathroom, to the extent it is noticeable against the surrounding tiles, or is on the verge of falling off, then corrective action is required to set it back in place, quickly and permanently. It requires a little preparation in removing the surrounding grouting but you can leave the original tile adhesive in place so when refitted it sits level with the other tiles. To achieve this result you need a bonding solution that sticks the ceramic or clay tile neatly in place with only a minute amount of superglue to the original adhesive. Is that possible -you may well ask – and based on traditional methods of gluing the answer is sadly no? Therein lies the challenge –  how to glue a loose tile effectively in situ. The solution rests in finding the most appropriate superglue for the job. Thankfully that elusive product is now available due to the research and development programme instigated by CT1 to create a revolutionary superglue with construction strength application that provides a permanent fix. A one component adhesive named Superfast Plus is the result of this intensive effort and since its roll out, has taken multiple industries by storm. Designed initially with the Construction Industry in mind it has a unique solvent free formulation that boasts supreme tensile strength and immediate adhesive grab. Its versatility endows it with very effective attributes that collectively make it the most widely used superglue on the market. It is the ideal solution for replacing loose bathroom tiles.

An amazing new superglue fits all bonding requirements.

Superfast Plus is very aptly named and as its name suggests is effective, fast working and possesses the plus factor of providing a long lasting and permanent bonding solution. It has been developed with a very efficient room mate – Superfast Plus Activator – a compound designed for preparing porous surfaces for an application of Superfast Plus adhesive. This preparation leaves the material surface ready for an effective coating of adhesive so that maximum traction is achieved in bonding the two materials. The versatility of this amazing product makes it effective with practically any material – with a light application of the bonding agent providing immediate grab and curing within seconds. The bond joint has been found to be stronger than the material in many situations where objects were broken after repair. The new break was never along the Superfast Plus repair lines but ironically elsewhere.. The efficiency of this adhesive product speaks for itself in all the circumstances where it was successfully applied to bond different materials and turned out to be stronger than the material itself. A simple dab of product from a bottle of Superfast Plus a or light spray of the superglue from an aerosol applicator is sufficient to bond two materials in seconds with incredible strength and longevity. Once the loose tile is replaced with an application of Superfast Plus it will remain securely in place as if it had never been moved.

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