How to replace a hitch on a broken running gear front end.

How to replace a hitch on a busted running gear front end.

The most effective and quickest way to replace a hitch on a broken running gear front end is to super glue the parts together using a tried and tested efficient heavy duty adhesive that has instant grab and astronomically strong curing bond. Many farmers in this position are reluctant to spend hundreds of pounds on replacing the whole frontend when it can be replaced with spare parts and some ingenuity. Traditionally, the parts would be welded in place to provide a solid fixing, restoring the tow bar to its original functional state but that requires an expensive set of welding equipment, some welding experience and intensive labour. There is now a much faster method of literally gluing the parts together – that is two pieces of metal to cover the tear and a hitch insert to take a pin. It takes a formidable chemically engineered cyanoacrylate super adhesive to glue all those parts together and to the running gear front end. The obvious concern is – does such a product exist that can produce high tensile strength and an unbreakable metal to metal bond that can withstand the constant pull force of 1000s of pounds. There is only one heavy duty adhesive that will do the job effectively and it is the new revolutionary adhesive product from CT1, expert developers of sealants and adhesives to the Construction industry.


A revolutionary new industrial adhesive can glue metal to metal successfully.

It is very consoling for farmers and any user of towing equipment to find that a busted front end on running gear can be effectively repaired for a few pounds instead of thousands to purchase a whole new front end system. By simply creating a few spare parts to effectively cover the job a huge savings can be achieved. The greatest breakthrough is in adopting new adhesion techniques to replace the traditional welding method of fusing all the parts into an operational unit. A revolutionary new industrial adhesive with astronomical strength has been developed that has the credentials to actually do the same job more efficiently than the welding method, without the need for welding equipment and without the production of smoke and sparks that go with the territory. Power Grab N Bond is a cyanoacrylate or super glue that is chemically engineered and bonds at the molecular level. In practical terms it possesses phenomenal initial grab and produces a high tensile strength bond that is stronger than the material itself. It is proven to work effectively on practically all materials including metal so it is the perfect catalyst for gluing metal to metal in repairing the broken front end of the running gear and enclosing the hitch in the process so it will hold a securing pin when hitched up to a tow bar. The incredible strength of Power Grab N Bond is boosted by its longevity and resistance to impact, vibration and UV. It will not crack, crumble or disintegrate under any conditions and can endure formidable pull forces while retaining its superb bonding integrity. It is non toxic, non hazardous and solvent free and can tolerate cold and constantly wet conditions with no compromise on product performance. This amazing industrial adhesive is based on CT1’s adhesive/sealant formulation but with greater density and more powerful initial grab, curing to an unbreakable bond that supersedes the strength of welding.

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