How to Repair Paint Cracks in Walls or Ceilings Without Plastering

During lockdown, you may want to do some home renovations to spruce up where you’re spending your time. You might have noticed small things that could do with fixing, such as unsightly cracks in your walls or ceilings. However, you may not want painters, decorators, and plasterers coming in and out of your home. Given the current situation, this is understandable. But did you know there’s an easy way that you can repair these cracks yourself?

You can use CT1 sealant and adhesive to hide these unpleasant cracks and make your home look freshly decorated. The great thing about CT1 is that, unlike other sealants, you can paint over it to achieve your desired effect. Plus, it is quick and easy to apply – so you don’t need to be a professional decorator!

Heat, humidity, and age can all cause paint to eventually dry out and crack. If you live in a newly built home, you might notice these cracks appearing frequently throughout your entire house. This is where your home is still settling. These cracks are easily repaired, and because you can paint over CT1, you can make your walls and ceilings look good as new in no time.

CT1 creates such a seamless finish and strong seal that there’s no need to replaster in order to achieve your desired result. As CT1 cures quickly, this repair is not only far cheaper than other options, it’s also a lot faster.

How to Repair Paint Cracks in Walls or Ceilings Using CT1

 To get rid of any unsightly cracks in your internal paintwork, first get your hands on some CT1 sealant and adhesive. For best results, you can do a test to check that CT1 is compliant with your chosen paint. Just put some CT1 on a surface, such as a piece of cardboard, leave it to cure, and then brush with your chosen paint. CT1 is paintable with all common water-based paints but isn’t suitable for Alkyd Paints.

If you don’t want to paint, CT1 is available in a range of colours that may already match your interiors. These colours include clear, white, black, grey, beige, brown, oak, blue, silver and anthracite. Because CT1 uses cutting-edge TRIBRID® Technology, it has excellent scientifically proven colour retention, giving you the confidence that white will stay white and clear will stay clear.

You don’t need a caulking gun or any extra materials when using CT1 to repair paint cracks. You can simply use your finger or decorating tool, such as a paintbrush, to evenly smooth CT1 into the crack, until it disappears! If you’re wary about the sealant looking clumpy or bulbous, take your time and apply it in thin layers, making sure to firmly push it into the crack and smooth it out as you go.

Once you’re happy that the cracks are no longer visible, leave the CT1 to fully cure before painting over them. Now, your paint repair is complete. It’s that simple!

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