How to repair loose stair treads.

Loose stair treads that make a rattling noise or worse when you stand on them can be very annoying and distracting. They can even awaken others who are sleeping or trying to sleep nearby as the sound seems to echo through the house which is particularly quiet in the wee hours. It is a nightmare for someone trying to climb the stairs unnoticed and unheard when they unintentionally awaken everyone in the house – a potentially embarrassing situation- especially if the person concerned wanted to go quietly to their room. It does effectively highlight the need to repair the loose treads as soon as humanly possible to avert a recurrence of the creaking treads. The only problem is finding an effective solution- an adhesive that is safe, easily spread or dispensed  with an optimal grab factor that will cure the creaking noise permanently. Contrary to common perception it is easier said than done. There is a plethora of bonding adhesives out there but none meet a comprehensive criteria for being safe. So that leaves you in an adhesive limbo you could say -wrong! A revolutionary new safe adhesive/sealant formulation that meets the full product criteria for efficiency, longevity and applicability in both wet and dry conditions is now available to both trades people and DIY enthusiasts.

A safe new adhesive/sealant solution has been invented.

CT1, named after the Company that researched and developed it, has been designed specifically for the Construction Industry. It has a unique formulation that provides an instant  high grab factor and remains effective in all conditions including extremes of temperature and rain, ice, sleet and snow. A product for all seasons, it has quickly become the go-to adhesive product for the Construction sector in the UK, Ireland and is enjoying an ever growing European patronage.

CT1 has become the byword for optimal adhesion and sealing, its versatility making it perfect for bonding practically all materials with the exception of polypropylene. It is the ideal solution for steadying up loose stair treads and returning a peaceful noiseless equilibrium to the stair climbing experience. CT1 is a safe product and is certified food safe by the ISEGA. It is also certified eco-compliant with validated ECI and ECIA+ certification. Its efficiency and ability to tolerate extreme conditions are testament to its growing popularity as the go to adhesive/ sealant to replace wood and PU adhesives, silicone sealants, acrylic sealants and butyl rubber sealants. Its non aggressive components make it safe with other chemicals and it possesses the unique quality of bonding with practically all other materials. This revolutionary odourless product is vibration and UV resistant. Its ability to be flexible without shrinkage or cracking and still retain a high tensile strength makes it a very effective solution for repairing those noisy loose stair treads that grate on everyone’s nerves!

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