How to Repair Broken Garden Pots

Without any doubt garden pots are beautiful items that are a must in most gardens. However, frequently we are faced with the frustration of Broken Garden Pots.

The Broken Garden Pots problem seems to be perpetual and the two questions always asked is why do the Garden Pots Break?, and How to Repair The Broken Garden Pots?. There are many types of pots, but the two most popular are terracotta and concrete. The terracotta being made from natural clay is porous and so prone to cracking in freezing temperatures resulting in a Broken Garden Pot. The concrete being less porous and harder can be brittle therefore when moved or dropped will crack or break also resulting in a Broken Garden Pot.

Well, the solution is finally here on How To Repair Garden Pots. CT1 The Unique Sealant and Construction Adhesive is the answer to Repairing Garden Pots.

CT1 will create a formidable bond between the broken parts. A one component product, easy to use with no mixing involved. The surfaces do not need to be dry as CT1 will bond onto wet surfaces. CT1 will remain flexible so will expand and contract in temperature change.

CT1 is a unique hybrid polymer so after the repair it will act as the perfect sealer, blocking any moisture ingress into the repaired joint. To remove any excess from the repaired joint (while CT1 is still wet) use our Multisolve, a unique safe multipurpose solvent. Multisolve removes efficiently and safely old silicone, adhesives, grease, tar, chewing gum to mention only a few of hard-to-remove substances.

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