How to Repair Broken Costume Jewellery

Costume Jewellery has re-invented itself over the last year and has become highly fashionable and popular. The problem is that due to its composition, Broken Costume Jewellery has become a problem, particularly when it has broken into a dozen tiny pieces. This can be devastating for the owner, who may have created the jewellery themselves, or perhaps it was a gift from someone special. When it comes to repairing important items such as this, you will need a fast acting superglue to get the job done right.
Costume Jewellery has varied compositions such as metal, but more commonly plastic coated with nickel or chrome. These composites of Costume Jewellery are in most cases mass produced using poor quality adhesives to glue the parts together. These pieces can often not resist wear or tear, resulting in broken Costume Jewellery in very high percentages. The most suitable remedy to repair Broken Costume Jewellery is a cyanacrylate/superglue.
Superglue is the most effective adaptable adhesive for the job however, the majority of Superglues will fail due to the dilution of solvents. C-Tec’s Superfast Plus cyanacrylate/Superglue performs perfectly every time. It is an incredibly strong and powerful glue and thanks to its handy packaging, it is really simple to apply and repair broken pieces of jewellery with its thin nozzle. This ensures accuracy and precision, resulting in a more concise application process.
Superfast Plus is almost a pure cyanacrylate/Superglue with no dilution of solvents, which will bond almost all composites in Broken Costume Jewellery. Superfast Plus Superglue will not shrink or crack and in some applications, in conjunction with Superfast Plus Activator will create a fusion between the two parts.
In conclusion the problem of Broken Costume Jewellery is no longer a problem with Superfast Plus Superglue.