How to repair a loose wooden chair armrest

It is not uncommon for mortise and tenon joints to become loose in chair armrests, particularly where the armrest is a decoratively turned style and of light construction resting on an equally light support or spindle attached to the chair seat. Constant wear and tear can weaken joints that were not properly glued in the first instance. Although mortise and tenon joints are probably the most used and efficient wood joint in joinery, from both a historical and practical perspective they can require fixing from time to time. The smaller the tenon the more likely it is to succumb to constant pressure and will become loose if not properly glued initially. The only way to tighten and secure the joint is with a dab of glue. The secret to gluing it in place permanently is to deploy a cyanoacrylate glue that has a high grab value and high tensile strength. It is the ideal solution for providing a lasting effective repair and providing a sturdy chair armrest to lean on.  Finding the right glue that promises to do the job safely and efficiently is the only remaining challenge. There has been one outstanding cyanoacrylate glue developed over the recent past that surpasses all others in the field and is endorsed nation wide by construction industry operatives as the most amazing gluing product to come on the market. It is highly acclaimed across a range of industries and is the go to gluing solution in the medical and hospitality sectors. Hailed as a European wide success this miraculous glue comes from the Company CT1 who have developed an illustrious range of efficient sealants and adhesives especially for the construction industry.

A high potency, long lasting, instant grab glue is now available.

Superfast Plus has taken not only the Construction Industry by storm, but also many other industries and businesses including the hospitality and medical industry. The result of intensive research and development, this highly tensile and long lasting cyanoacrylate adhesive ticks all the boxes as the go to gluing product for multiple applications. Its unique formulation ensures it is solvent free and safe to use with practically all materials and is less toxic than any other comparable glue. The collective or constituent parts chosen specifically to provide a glue strong enough for construction applications have provided a versatile adhesive product that also has a practical application in a domestic environment. It is currently the go to adhesive product for all gluing applications with a propensity to glue practically all materials. Drying to a colourless finish, Superfast Plus provides a strong invisible joint that enjoys a very high tensile strength and a long lasting gluing solution. Its high efficiency performance produces a glued joint that can withstand forces higher than any other part of the glued material. Amazing as that may seem it has been proven in the research and development process of inventing this super glue. Applied frugally to the loosened tenon it will form a strong bond with the mortise that will provide a long lasting sturdy chair arm rest that will endure as long as the life cycle of the chair itself. Superfast Plus is the ideal adhesive solution for all your gluing requirements, replacing all different wood glues with a single bonding product.

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