How to repair a loose bridge on a guitar.

Guitar players might not be aware of a loose bridge on their guitar until a new set of strings is required. Many guitar aficionados prefer to have a secure rather than a movable bridge that does not simply fall off when releasing string tension and removing worn strings. A secure bridge maintains the tuning and pitch integrity which a loose bridge can negatively alter with the least movement on the guitar body surface. It is at the point of changing strings that a loose bridge can be glued in place to ensure tuning and pitch integrity. Whilst a number of wood glues have been used historically to do this job, the best solution is finding a product that glues your bridge to the guitar body effectively without damaging the lacquered guitar surface finish. The most efficient glue currently on the market is a cyanoacrylate superglue that has strong bonding characteristics and is safe. It will not damage the surface to which it is applied and is less toxic than other more traditional glues. It will handle the severe pressure exerted on the bridge by the tightened strings and will remain securely in place even on twelve string acoustic guitars. The only challenge this presents is finding the best cyanoacrylate superglue and that no longer presents a problem. An amazing superglue has been developed after a prolonged period of research and development by a Company named CT1. It was designed initially with the construction industry in mind so its formulation provides bonding credentials that are uniquely manufactured to effectively glue almost all materials. Its versatility makes it a ‘go to’ uniquely efficient gluing product across all industries, businesses and domestic environments with multiple applications.

An amazing cyanoacrylate superglue does the job.

Superfast Plus is the magical superglue invented and manufactured by CT1, the home of a successive range of brilliant adhesives and sealants to the Construction Industry.  Effective and safe, Superfast Plus has fast become established as the glue of choice for practically all bonding and gluing applications across the complete range of industries. Trades people across Ireland, the UK and Europe have been extolling its virtues since its development and continent wide distribution and have been continually promoting it as their number one choice of glue for all types of gluing applications. Its immediate grab power and strong adhesion credentials make it a truly uniquely effective superglue. Being singularly developed for construction applications it has a versatility that makes it totally effective across a range of jobs. Its safe credentials also make it the go to superglue for medical and hospitality applications. It is ideal for replacing the loose bridge on a guitar, as it not only glues efficiently but does not damage the lacquered finish on the guitar body. It comes in a bottle with an applicator nozzle that enables product delivery to the exact location on the target surface. Advisably, less is more, in its application so a slight layer of Superfast Plus is suffice to create a strong bond between the bridge and guitar surface. Immediate  grab is effective and complete curing takes place over a short period to provide a gluing solution that is long lasting and totally efficient.

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