How to repair a leaking toilet cistern

On discovery of your toilet cistern leaking, your first thought is – it needs immediate replacing. That is the natural reaction considering repair of any kind is unlikely if not impossible since there is no real effective solution available. In the circumstances, a new cistern is the only solution from an historical perspective since there was traditionally no bonding agent that could effectively adhere and bond a crack in a ceramic water cistern. To even think of repairing the leak would require emptying and removing the cistern which would require professional help. Even at that point you have the added problem of finding an effective bonding product that will bond and seal ceramic material efficiently, will resist water penetration and will retain its tensile strength and integrity under water pressure and movement. There has been no such product available to provide a safe, effective and comprehensive solution to the leaking ceramic or plastic toilet cistern. Thanks to the invention of CT1 by a company of the same name you now have a unique hybrid formulation that adheres and seals simultaneously to provide a thoroughly effective and long lasting solution.

The development of CT1 has provided a revolutionary adhesive/sealant solution that has taken the construction industry by storm in providing them with a super efficient long lasting bonding agent and sealant that bonds practically any materials together with rapid efficiency. The amazing aspect of CT1, which makes it the perfect solution for sealing water leaks, is its spreadability under water and its instant  strong grab power as an adhesive. It is a solvent free hybrid polymer with excellent sealing qualities which will seal the leak in the cistern effectively and permanently. Its versatility as a specially formulated adhesive/sealant, specifically designed for the Construction industry, is well established among trades people across the UK, Ireland and Europe. Its efficiency has been commended and it has been aptly labelled “The Snag List Eliminator” by the eponymous Developer and Manufacturer CT1.

The beautiful thing about this adhesive/sealant is its applicability in under water conditions which in this particular instance is perfect for bonding and sealing the cracked cistern. All you have to do is apply the product to the leaking area under water in the cistern using the automatic dispenser and watch it take instant effect in stopping the water leakage immediately. There is no risk of losing the integrity of surface material as CT1 has complete chemical resistance through its non aggressive attributes and components. Its resistance to UV and vibration provides a product flexibility that compensates for material movement without compromising its integrity on a long term basis. As a safe product it is odourless and has no toxic emissions. It is eco-friendly compliant with ECI and ECIA+ certification as well as having a food safe certificate from ISEGA.

It is the ideal anti fungal, water resistant, rapid bond and seal adhesive/sealant for all adhesion sealing tasks in construction and domestic work environments. With no fear of the product shrinking, contracting or cracking CT1 is the go to solution for repairing your leaking toilet cistern.

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