How to repair a leaking plastic bucket.

There is nothing more useless and annoying than a plastic bucket with a split in the side. It is reminiscent of the old comic song beginning, “ There is a hole in the bucket dear Liza, dear Liza!” The husband’s retort of “With what shall I fix it dear Liza?” in response to his wife’s sharp witty comment of “ Then fix it dear Henry!” is childishly funny. There is the primary issue of a leaking bucket that requires a repair solution. In real life a straw is not the repair solution but it introduces further hilarity in the true vein of the comedic ditty. It does make you focus on the challenging repair of the leaking plastic bucket and the first thing you do is ponder a possible solution. There are numerous sealants and adhesives that claim the ability to make a quick repair but on scrutiny fail to match rhetoric with efficiency. There is a lot of scepticism surrounding the whole idea of fixing a leaking plastic bucket, especially among those who have tried various adhesives and sealants unsuccessfully. There is the despair that ensues followed by the desperate reaction of consigning the leaking bucket to the disposal bin. What we can now say is – desist ! – an effective solution is at hand that will transform your leaking plastic bucket into a fully functional leak free water holder. In fact an effective adhesive/sealant solution has been developed to successfully repair your leaking bucket and restore it to its former glory as a leak free pail. A revolutionary adhesive/sealant that bonds and seals simultaneously with super effect has been developed and manufactured by a Company named CT1.

A revolutionary adhesive/sealant to the rescue.

The incredibly amazing adhesive/sealant developed by CT1 is the eponymous bonding product CT1. Seeing is believing and practical Company product demonstrations of leaking vessels being quickly repaired with a spread of this bonding agent over the leak area, are convincing in themselves as tangible proof that CT1 is the perfect leak repair solution. It has a unique formulation as a hybrid polymer adhesive/sealant which enables it to seal as it bonds to provide the ultimate waterproof bonding solution. You can apply the product on either the outside of the bucket or under water on the inside or both if you are inclined. The effect is instant with the leak being effectively plugged. That is the wow factor of this adhesive/sealant nicknamed ‘The Snag List Eliminator’ – it performs optimally in under water conditions as well as in dry conditions. The bond strengthens to a powerful tensile strength of 265 N per square centimetre which is stronger than the plastic bucket itself. It possesses a host of properties that almost appear to be overkill. It is odourless, non toxic, has food safe certification and eco compliant recognition and is resistant to chemicals, vibration and UV. It has a flexibility that is enigmatic – it does not detract from the products bonding integrity. CT1 is compatible with practically all materials and is non aggressive on synthetic fibres. It is the ideal repair solution for leaking plastic buckets.

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