How to repair a leaking pipe in heavy plant cooling systems.

Leaks in heavy plant cooling systems can cause havoc by temporarily putting the machine out of action. Downtime in heavy plant operation can be costly with time taken to effect repairs and time lost on the particular job where the plant is deployed. Usually it means replacing the leaking pipe and that incurs both parts and labour costs. It would be much more cost effective and time saving to repair the leak with a liquid sealant that can be poured directly into the cooling system. The challenge is finding a sealant product that is both effective and safe and will provide a permanent seal to the leaking pipe. There is a criteria checklist for such an efficient solution that you can use to find that perfect sealant. Firstly it must form a permanent seal which mitigates against ever having to return to the problem. In providing that perfect seal the solution needs to seal permanently without clogging the cooling system. It should be non corrosive, contain lubricating elements that will protect the mechanical parts and the water pump seals and be compatible with the inhibitor already in the system. Finding such a product is not an easy task as many potential sealants do not measure up to the full criteria for a safe and efficient solution. Do not despair, a revolutionary new sealant that complies fully with the criteria and provides that permanent seal has been developed for the very problem presented by a leaking pipe in a heavy plant cooling system.

The perfect leak repair for cooling systems in heavy plant has arrived

You no longer have to endure downtime with operational plant when a leak occurs in the cooling system. You can also dispense with costly labour and replacement parts thanks to the development of a revolutionary sealant that cures small leaks in water pipes permanently. C Tec, the home of a successful family of adhesives and sealants to the Construction Industry, have researched and developed an amazing sealant product, by the name of Miracle Seal, that safely seals small leaks in cooling system pipes instantly and permanently. In providing the perfect repair to leaking pipes across all cooling systems it has eliminated the need for other time consuming and expensive repairs. This product means that should any heavy plant develop a leak in its cooling system piping, there will be no down time in its operational mode. Repairing the leak simply entails skaking the container of Miracle Seal for about sixty seconds and pouring it into the machine’s cooling system. The viscous brown liquid will form an instant permanent seal to the leaking pipe and moreover will actively seal any other potential leak area in the system. Whilst sealing all leaks, its chemical formulation protects against clogging and provides anti corrosive components and protective lubricants that protects the integrity of the cooling system in all its mechanical parts, ensuring they are not compromised in any way. Since Miracle Seal performs miraculously in repairing leaking pipes in heavy plant cooling systems it is worthwhile carrying a bottle of the sealant on the vehicle as an instant cure to any potential future cooling system leaks.

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