How to repair a leak in a quad’s cooling system.

Should you detect a leak in your quad’s cooling system it is imperative to fix it at once and not drive the off road vehicle any further for fear of overheating the engine and possibly causing irreparable damage. That is easier said than done especially if it occurs in a remote place far from any garage or mechanical assistance. The rule of thumb is to stop your quad at once and seek help – avoiding large bills for engine repairs or even replacement – the potential result of heedlessly continuing on your journey.  In this instance, having some DIY mechanical skills might prove a hazard rather than a help when it is best left to the professionals to deal with the problem –  unless you have some fail-proof alternative course of action. We are talking here of a liquid sealant repair that would dispense completely with any other course of action. There are a few drawbacks to using proprietary sealants that claim to be efficient but are neither safe nor effective in a high pressure context. Traditionally such a product that ticked all the relevant criteria boxes did not exist, so that avenue of redress did not even enter our stream of consciousness. However there is now an effective sealant product on the market that ticks all the requisite boxes and proves an amazing solution for repairing a van’s leaking cooling system.

A unique formulation proves an amazing sealant

The eponymous Miracle Seal from C Tec is formulated to provide the ideal solution for repairing

leaks in a quad’s cooling system. It is fast acting, effective, safe and seals leaks permanently. Those four characteristics are adequate to flag up the product’s prowess as the ideal sealant. However this amazing sealant also works efficiently in high pressure situations and so is particularly suited to sealing leaks in a van’s cooling system. Not only does it repair the offending leak but seals the whole system mitigating against any potential future leaks anywhere in the cooling network, protecting pumps and seals with its inherent lubricant qualities. It is a God send for the motorist feeling stranded and isolated in remote break down situations. All you have to do is shake the bottle of Miracle Seal for sixty seconds to create a smooth fluid liquid and pour it into the radiator. It will instantly cure the leak and will also coat the walls of the internal cooling system with a protective coat or film, preventing future leaks. It does not matter where the leak is located in the cooling system since Miracle Seal will seal it throughout providing a leak free zone. The only thing you have to do is pour the solution into your cooling system and let it work its magic. You can top up the coolant at the next service station if you do not have a reserve container of water in the vehicle and that will ensure your engine runs safely. The important message as regards unforeseen leaks in your quad’s cooling system is always have a bottle of Miracle Seal in your vehicle to deal instantly and efficiently with any emergency water leak situation, especially if it is a farm vehicle used in remote locations.




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