How to repair a dislocated stiletto heel tip

How many times have you heard anecdotal accounts of damsels in distress when calamity struck as their stiletto heel tip became detached whilst going to an important venue like a corporate event, wedding ceremony or family celebration. From a lady’s perception this rates as a major catastrophe with no immediate solution other than to quickly acquire another pair of shoes. An unlikely solution in that situation, especially if it was an evening event offering little possibility of finding a shoe shop to purchase another pair of high heels. In reality the celebrant’s evening out is completely ruined with even less chance of having the shoe repaired in a shoe repair shop or cobblers. However there is an immediate solution if you can find a super glue to make an on the spot repair. The dilemma is, even if you find one, will it be efficient enough to glue the tip back on to the shoe heel in a permanent manner so the young lady can attend her function with no further anxiety. Historically none of the proprietary brands, even if available, could be depended upon to see her safely through the evening with her stiletto heel tip still in place. The situation raises the obvious question – is there a sufficiently proficient adhesive product out there that will glue the heel tip effectively? Fortunately we can now answer yes to that question with the recent development of a miraculous super glue named Superfast Plus that is the brain-child of CT1.

A new versatile super glue comes to the rescue.

This superglue is the result of an intensive research and development product programme. It was designed with the Construction Industry in mind and consequently is an extremely strong adhesive that meets the varied demands of all the construction trades. Its versatility is proven in its adoption by other industries and the DIY sector who all extol its virtues and amazing efficiency as the de facto go to superglue product of choice. Its unique formulation as a one component adhesive provides a gluing solution that is solvent free and temperature and atmosphere fluctuation resistant. It possesses other fine qualities such as resistance to solvents, oils and benzene. It provides a high tensile sheer strength joint that does not shrink or expand and provides a permanent adhesive solution. The endearing product attribute is its direct delivery via a nozzle from the bottle to the target material without any heating, soldering or mixing. A small application of Superfast Plus to the stiletto followed by the attachment of the heel tip will provide a strong bonded solution within seconds, restoring the shoe’s original integrity. The lesson for the damsel in distress and for all consumers is to follow the lead of Superfast Plus aficionados right across the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia and Europe and always have a little bottle of Superfast Plus in your possession to resolve unwarranted issues such as unexpected shoe heel tip dislodgement problems. The highly recommended solution, if at hand, will enable the young lady to continue on her journey to her destination well heeled, unhindered and stress free.

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