How to repair a cracked exterior wall.

Cracks can appear in exterior walls due to building settlement. They are unsightly and detract from the cosmetic look of the property. The best way to address the issue and restore the uniform appearance of the affected wall is to fill the crack with an efficient adhesive sealant. Historically exterior filler was deployed to do the job but unfortunately its life span was very short due to weather erosion and the crack opened up again. The challenge is to find a product, preferably the same colour as the wall, that seals the crack permanently and remains in place with no shrinkage, erosion or disintegration – an adhesive that is totally impervious to prevailing weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. Since cracks expand over time it is essential to use a product that has flexibility allowing for material movement whilst retaining its adhesive and sealing ability. The adhesive needs to be compatible with the material in the wall – whether concrete block, stone, brick or other composites so its performance is not compromised and to perform to its optimum it should be highly tolerant of damp and wet conditions. Your cracked wall can be restored to its original new condition with the careful application of a hybrid polymer that is solvent free, non toxic, odourless and bonds effectively with a high tensile strength. Choose the right product for the job and you will not have to revisit the problem again. The challenge is to find that efficient adhesive/sealant for a permanent repair.

A new revolutionary adhesive/sealant is designed for all applications.

Finding the right solution for the task has been a difficult challenge until the relatively recent development of an amazing adhesive/sealant by the dynamic company CT1. The inventor, developer and manufacturer of an illustrious and successful range of adhesives and sealants to the Construction Industry hail CT1, their revolutionary sealant /adhesive product, as the flagship of their product family. Labelled the ‘Snag List Eliminator’ this eponymous bonding solution has quickly risen to prominence as the ‘go to’ adhesive of choice across a comprehensive range of industries and businesses. Its ever increasing popularity among industrial operatives is due to its magnificent powers of adhesion and sealing. CT1’s unique formulation has created a revolution in adhesive efficiency and is endorsed by trades people across the UK, Ireland, Norway and Spain. It even bonds and seals under water and continues to work effectively in wet or damp conditions. It has proven compatible with practically any material creating a bond that is actually stronger than the material itself. This amazing product does not contain any abrasive or toxic substances, is odourless, environmentally friendly and has a food safe accreditation. With a high grab of 265n per cm squared it is effective in all weather conditions and temperature extremes displaying a capacity to retain its strong bonding quality and total integrity as a revolutionary adhesive/sealant. This is the magical formula for successfully repairing your cracked exterior wall and restoring its original integrity.

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