How to Repair a Broken Ornament

Many people enjoy collecting and showcasing a variety of different ornaments in their homes. Some hold sentimental value, some were bought at a cheap bargain in an old antique shop and others are present for aesthetic appeal. The only major problem with ornaments however, particularly those made out of delicate materials such as ceramic, is the fact that they are way too easy to break. When this happens, most people accept it and reach for the brush and shovel. However, there is an easy way to repair broken ornaments with just one tool in hand.

This useful tool is a product we have developed called Superfast Plus. It is a strong adhesive, perfect for repairing broken ornaments in just a few short minutes. Broken ornaments usually end up being a cluster of broken pieces of material, some smaller than others. The first step is to gather all of these broken pieces and being sorting them out. If the ornament has only broken into a few pieces, then this process shouldn’t take very long. However, if the item smashed into many little pieces, this process will be a lot more time consuming, so it may be useful to grab a helping hand to hurry the process along!

Superfast Plus is the perfect glue for such an intricate procedure. This versatile adhesive creates a strong and durable bond between a huge range of materials such as aluminium, bronze, chrome, glass, copper, nylon, polystyrene, porcelain, PVC and steel. The basic fundamental composition of this remarkable glue lies with cyanoacrylate. This type of substance is far less toxic than most other adhesives, which is why it is ideal for such a hands-on job as fixing broken ornaments.

Once you have a good idea about how to fit the broken pieces back together again, simply take the Superfast Plus bottle and point the thin nozzle onto the ornament. Begin re-attaching the pieces as carefully as possible. Thankfully, Superfast Plus gets to work immediately. This means you won’t have to hold the broken pieces in place for very long before they are well and truly bonded. This adhesive is also resistant to certain conditions including temperature fluctuations, atmospheric conditions and others including oils, benzene and solvents.


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