How to remove varnish from wooden garden furniture

Wooden garden furniture constitutes an attractive landscaping architectural feature that creates a focal point of aesthetic pleasure in the garden while simultaneously providing a practical seating solution. To maintain those that are painted or varnished there is the necessitous annual chore of restoring lost good looks eroded by the seasonal weather extremes of the previous autumn and winter. The major headache involved in that process is usually removing the old paint work. The three unsafe options traditionally were heating with a blowtorch, paint stripping with a solvent or sanding with a mechanical sander – all three presenting certain drawbacks including certain hazards, inefficiencies and time-consuming labour. They all proved tedious uneconomical methods of paint removal which caused much frustration in the painting and decorating business. Painters and decorators have welcomed the timely arrival of a new revolutionary solution that has received instant acclaim across the UK, Ireland and indeed Europe.

An effective varnish remover that ticks all the boxes

C-Tec have developed a versatile paint removal product that is effective, safe, time saving and economical. In fact it ticks all the boxes on a painter’s wish list. Their product mantra “Don’t burn It. Peel it!” succinctly defines the magical properties of their latest invention. The revolutionary solution has been developed specifically for the Construction Industry, joining a family of sealants and adhesives branded as the Snag List Eliminators, that have also been developed for the same industrial sector. This unique product formulation prepares practically all material including stone, asphalt, metal and wood perfectly for recoating with varnish or paint with no scratching or damage to the target area. Its technical proficiency has been lauded right across the construction sector and resultant product sales growth has been exponential since its launch. Descriptive terms such as ‘amazing’ have been applied to this paint removal solution by paint and decorating operatives who find it revolutionary in its ability to do the job quickly, effectively and with no hazardous emissions such as toxic vapours. The formulation has succeeded in keeping it free of Methyl Chloride which can cause many health problems. This is more than an added bonus to both operatives and third parties who are exposed to the solution. The product itself will clean the garden furniture in a clinical fashion leaving an undamaged and uncompromised surface fully prepared and ready for a new coat of paint or varnish.

C Tec’s latest paint removal invention, Peel Tec, is a transparent gel structure solution that comes in a 500ml aerosol container. It is delivered via a unique nozzle that dispenses the correct amount of product to the target surface area. To apply it to garden furniture you simply shake the container and spray generously onto the surface via the unique nozzle that dispenses the correct amount. The gel like substance is specially formulated to be both safe and effective. You can see it getting to work immediately on the unwanted paint as it quickly detaches it from the garden furniture surface. The quality and age of the paint or lacquer to be removed will dictate the time to take effect, normally within ten minutes. The residue can then be removed with a scraper, moving methodically along the surface until all the paint is removed. This wonderful product will hasten the task of cleaning the surface allowing it to receive a new coat of paint or varnish in no time at all. With the help of Peel Tec your garden furniture will be restored to its former pristine gleaming appearance with its aesthetic integrity intact. If you want to be extra cautious, though it is not necessary, you can use C Tec’s Multi solve to provide that extra assurance of a paint or varnish receptive surface with absolutely no remaining invisible residues of the paint removal process. You simply spray on and wipe off with a cloth.

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