How to remove varnish from a vaulted pine ceiling.

The task of removing varnish from a vaulted pine ceiling is the secret to a successful application of new varnish. Removing the layers of varnish effectively will ensure that the subsequent re-varnishing of the ceiling provides a smooth lustrous surface with no visible defects or streaking. A vaulted pine ceiling is very revealing in its natural shape and draws the eye to every detail. It is essential therefore that it is well prepared to receive a new coat of varnish in order to restore its original integrity and achieve the desired, attractive, cosmetic, holistic result. The million dollar question remains – is there an efficient and safe paint removal solution to do the job? The answer is simply – no. There are a number of traditional paint removal methods available but none are safe or completely efficient. Heat treatment, including use of a blowtorch is a slow process producing unpleasant fumes and smoke with material surface scorch and burn marks to make matters worse. Solvents are very harsh and can compromise the procedure with surface damage. They can also irritate the eyes and respiratory system. Mechanical methods such as manual and powered sanding produce dust and also irritate the eyes and respiratory system. A new solution is required and C Tec have developed a new revolutionary product that is taking the Construction Industry by storm. It is the ideal solution and partner for removing varnish from a vaulted pine ceiling.

C Tec have developed a brand new revolutionary product for removing varnish which is receiving great plaudits and reviews from the Construction Industry at large and the Paint and Decorating sector in particular for its effective technical and safe formulation. Peel Tec is the result of intensive research and development by the C Tec team. It is officially free of Methyl Chloride which makes it a very safe product and it is highly acclaimed for its versatility and ability to work on practically any material surface. This incredibly powerful and effective product is easy to apply to the base material via a unique nozzle in an aerosol container that dispenses the right amount of product to the target surface area. It reacts at once with the paint using its magic to transform it into a residual peel away format that is easily removed with a scraper – within ten minutes of application. The result is a clinically clean pine ceiling that will receive a new coat of varnish without blemish or flawed surface runs. This amazing product is the solution de rigueur for all paint removal tasks.

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