How to Remove Tar

Removing tar and cleaning tar stains can be a strenuous task that few people have time to complete. This black substance is made from a mix of free carbon and hydrocarbons. It is usually created from petroleum, peat, wood or coal and is most often associated with road surfacing (tarmac). Removing tar stains is difficult because it is a stubborn material that doesn’t want to budge. For years, consumers have been in search for a useful and effective tar remover. Up until now, their search proved futile. That is, until C-Tec N.I. Ltd, the producers of the worldwide favourite CT1 sealant and adhesive, successfully developed a safe but extremely effective Tar Remover called Multisolve.

Multisolve is unlike any other tar remover. Most of them will remove the tar traces but as a result, will either stain or tarnish the base material. This means that any time you use a regular tar remover; you will be sacrificing the original aesthetics of the surrounding material. Most tar removers on the market consist of an aggressive composition because the majority are based on harmful aromatic solvents.

An aromatic solvent is quite toxic and ill-advised due to its hazardous components and effects on both the materials in use and on those using them. Aromatic solvents were once commonly used in paint and glue manufacturing. For a safe and effective option, it is wiser to use Multisolve to tackle silicone and tar removal.

Multisolve is a high quality safe solvent tar remover based on hydro carbon aliphatic solvents. It may have the power of an aromatic, but this product is all aliphatic. This means that it is completely non-aggressive to the user and the material. If you’re worried about staining, don’t be. Multisolve does not stain and therefore can be used without putting the materials in jeopardy.

This product will 100% evaporate and leave no oil film or residual in its path. Removing tar from any surface is Multisolve’s main priority as a tar removal product. If you take a look at your car and notice unattractive tar splashes on the body of the vehicle or on the alloy wheels, Multisolve can remove it without the need for a professional since you will have the exact same product most professionals in the industry use anyway. Multisolve not only removes tar, it also tackles paraffin, printing ink, adhesives, silicone sealants, wax, grease and oil etc.

When applying Multisolve, not a lot of prep work is needed. Since it is available in a handy 500ml aerosol, all you have to do is point and spray like you would a window cleaner. Within a few short seconds, the tar will begin to lift and detach from the surface. This makes removing the tar far easier than if you were to use a regular tar removal product found on the market today. Multisolve is the tar remover that professionals use from across a wide range of industries such as plumbers, tilers, joiners, electricians and builders etc.


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