How to Remove Tar from Shoes

You’re walking down the street, the sun is splitting the trees, birds are singing and then BANG, you step on a sticky clunk of black tar and now your brand new shoes are ruined, right? WRONG.

C-Tec’s Multisolve is a multi-purpose glue remover, specialising in the unique and safe removal of irritating substances such as tar, grease, glue, paraffin, silicone and sealants etc. Whilst cleaning tar from the soles of your shoes can be quite a challenge, it doesn’t have to be, as long as you have Multisolve in hand. Before we get into the details of this incredible formula, let’s first take a look as to why tar is so damn hard to clean:

Why is Tar So Difficult to Remove/Clean?

Tar, otherwise known as asphalt or bitumen, is a black and sticky form of petroleum. It can either come in the form of a traditional viscous liquid formula, or a semi-sold one. The most common use for this black and sticky substance is in road construction. Tar is essentially used as the main binding glue to create asphalt concrete. It is mixed with other aggregate particles to produce asphalt. However, road construction is not the only place where you will find this sticky substance. It also used for producing roofing felt, to seal flat roofs and to create other forms of waterproofing products.

Because of its thick and sticky nature, it can be very difficult to properly remove tar from shoes. This is due to the fact that the majority of tar removers will etch into the soles of the shoes, often causing irreversible damage. Another factor that plays into motion is the texture of the shoe. For example, football boots and the cleats on gold shoes can be even more difficult to clean tar from than a flat soled shoe. If you live in the city, you will be more likely to come across degrees of tar than if you live in the countryside. This is why it is more common for city people to experience this problem than those living in more rural locations.

How to clean Tar from Shoes

When tar is exposed to high temperatures, it can semi-melt, which leads to the substance becoming stickier and tacky. The problem for us arises once our shoes have made contact with the tar. It can immediately attach itself to the soles, which causes a problem, especially when walking indoors for fear of leaving a sticky black trail behind you. So, how can you clean tar from the soles of your shoes?

Multisolve is a degreaser and tar remover. Simply spray it onto the soles of your shoes where the tar is present. Leave it to set for a few minutes and the solution will begin to work its way into the tar, softening it and making it easier to tackle. You may wish to use some kind of blunt blade to help lift the tar away. You could also use an old damp cloth to assist with the final removal of the tar residue.


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