How to remove stubborn varnish from wooden floorboards

Don’t have the time (or willpower) to spend hours sanding varnish from your wooden floorboards? Well, thanks to C-Tec’s incredible product, Peel Tec, you don’t have to!

Peel Tec is the best varnish remover on the market. When it comes to wooden floorboards, you don’t want to use anything that can damage the surface of the floor or remove more wood than you would like. Peel Tec is a revolutionary product designed with great care and attention to ensure it can effectively remove old layers of varnish from wooden floorboards without leaving any damage.


The safest way to remove varnish from wood

Traditional methods of removing varnish are tiresome, time-consuming and ineffective. Removing stubborn varnish from your wooden floorboards can be a painstaking task. Using a blowtorch to get the job done is out of the question. If you fall into this trap, you’ll be left with scorched floorboards and you might even walk away with a few burns yourself.

Simply sanding the varnish away isn’t a great option either. Sanding wood results in clouds of dust particles, which can make their way into your body and cause a heap of breathing problems. You can also get dust into your eyes by sanding the wooden surface, which can cause severe eye irritation. Neither blowtorches nor sanding varnish from wooden floorboards are great options. So, what is the safest way to remove varnish from wooden floorboards?

The answer is Peel Tec from the creators of CT1, The Snag List Eliminator. Like CT1, Peel Tec has built a reputation for itself in the construction industry and beyond as the world’s most effective, fast and safest varnish remover. Thanks to Peel Tec, you can finally say goodbye to treacherous and unsafe methods of removing varnish from wooden floorboards. You don’t have to hang around long for Peel Tec to start working either. Within 10 minutes, the varnish will begin to peel away. You don’t have to work at the same spot for hours, simply direct Peel Tec and spray the varnish where required. Peel Tec’s revolutionary technology gets to work FAST, removing the old varnish quicker than any other method of varnish removal.


Using Peel Tec to remove varnish

We have one motto when it comes to Peel Tec and that’s ‘DON’T BURN IT. PEEL IT!’ Why risk damaging your wooden floorboards when removing varnish when you can use a product that’s proven to remove varnish without causing any other issues to the surface of the wood?

Preserve the condition of your wooden floorboards with help from Peel Tec. Leave the harsh solvents in the past and say a final goodbye to all of those unsafe and tedious methods of removing varnish. With Peel Tec ruling the varnish remover market, you’ll never have to worry about damaging your wooden surfaces again!


Want to find out more about this wonderful product? Click here to learn more about Peel Tec and watch a video showing this incredible varnish remover product in action!

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