How to Remove Stubborn Graffiti from Any Surface  

Removing stubborn graffiti can take a very long time and turn out to be an expensive task. Usually, you end up scrubbing at the spray paint with soap and warm water for potentially hours spread across multiple days. It’s a painstaking task. If you’re not manually scrubbing the graffiti, you may use other options such as heat, harsh solvents, or power washing that involves high-pressure systems and blasting the graffiti paint off the surface. None of these options are good enough, which is why C-Tec developed Peel Tec – the ultimate graffiti remover.

Peel Tec is a paint remover product that has proven to remove all traces of paint and years of varnish from all materials. As you can imagine, this has helped to save not only time but money. You can achieve even better paint removal results with one can of Peel Tec than you would hiring an expensive high-pressure system that will damage the base material. Peel Tec doesn’t damage the base material and preserves it perfectly. In addition to being able to remove varnish and conventional paints, Peel Tec is also perfect for removing stubborn graffiti from ANY surface.


Don’t Burn It, Peel It!

Peel Tec always says don’t burn it, peel it! But, what does this mean?

Well, many traditional techniques for removing graffiti paint used heat. The heat is usually very intense, which inevitably caused serious damage to the base material of the surface. It’s one thing to remove the stubborn graffiti from a surface, but that doesn’t mean much if you’re left with a damaged surface. If you want to avoid causing any damage to the surface you’re working with, use Peel Tec.

Peel Tec is the best graffiti remover on the market. It’s also the safest because unlike conventional methods to remove stubborn graffiti, Peel Tec does not use heat, harsh solvents, or mechanical procedures to clean graffiti. You just spray Peel Tec onto the painted surface and within ten minutes, watch the paint peel away! It’s really that simple. Since Peel Tec peels graffiti paint away, there’s no need to introduce any extreme measures to assist the removal process. Peel Tec works just fine on its own and the most you’ll need is an appropriate tool to remove the peeled paint.


Application Process

It’s easy to use Peel Tec. Just give it a shake and if you’re not sure about the compatibility of the surface with the product, test a small area first. This will give you an idea of how the product will perform and how the surface material will react to treatment. Peel Tec is very versatile, so it’s unlikely you’ll encounter any issues. It effectively removes old layers of graffiti spray paint from a range of surfaces including brick, concrete, stone, metal, wood, and asphalt.

Once you’ve tested a small area, you can continue to apply Peel Tec to the entire area. Apply generously and give it a few minutes to take effect. Usually, this takes around ten minutes, at which point, you’ll see the paint begin to peel away. You can remove the peeled paint with a tool appropriate for this purpose. If stubborn deposits of paint persist, just repeat the process for exceptional results.

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