How to Remove Stickers

Removing stickers from different types of surfaces has been a difficult question to answer up until now. The difficulty of the task lies within the adhesive components. More often than not, the adhesive is a PVA type. This variation of glue is the most commonly used adhesive in sticker manufacturing. It will crystallise with U.V or turn into a type of gum substance when it is exposed to liquid. This is when it becomes a herculean task to remove stickers.

The product to overcome these difficulties and to Remove Stickers with ease is CT1 Multisolve. Multisolve has been developed to Remove Stickers and other types of glues such as adhesives, silicones and gum to mention but a few. Multisolve is a safe aliphatic solvent that detaches the molecules of adhesive from the base material. It will therefore Remove Stickers with speed and efficiency.

In addition to this, our product will not cause any damage to surrounding materials. It’s irrelevant whether you have to Remove Stickers from glass, plastic, metal or wood, since Multisolve will be successful each time. It is a multi-purpose solvent and has been proven to be the safest of its kind on the market. Regular solvents use a harmful tactic when removing stickers, often consisting of a burning sensation. This is harmful to not only the base material, but to the user as well. Why choose a dangerous product when you can use a safe and more effective one instead?

Multisolve comes in an easy-to-use 500ml and 200ml aerosol. The application process couldn’t be any simpler. Just spray the solvent onto the sticker and within a few short seconds, the area will be ready for treatment. Once the solution has had time to work its way into the area, simply remove excess sticker residue. If needed, re-spray Multisolve to help with the easy removal of stickers. This is really the safest and cheapest solution, especially if the surface area has been painted. Multisolve is used by both professionals and domestic users as preliminary treatment for both adhesives and paints.

This fast acting solvent can also be used to remove wax, paraffin, printing ink, tar, sealants, oil and even grease. Once wiped away, Multisolve will leave no traces of the original sticker or its residue behind. You will be left with a spotless clean surface area as desired. On top of all this, Multisolve is an economical product and will not harm the environment. It is also fast drying, making it perfect for users who are in a hurry to get jobs such as removing stickers completed as soon as possible. If you are worried about what type of surfaces Multisolve can be used with, worry no more. This is because Multisolve can be used on rubber, plastics, vinyl, glass and even on painted surfaces.

How to Remove Stickers = Multisolve


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