How to Remove Paraffin Wax

Paraffin wax consists of hydrocarbon molecules (with the general formula CnH2n+2) and is usually a colourless or white colour. It is made from coal, oil shale or petroleum and often used in candles or other more unexpected applications such as electrical insulation or lubrication etc. Paraffin wax was created back in the 1850s. At the time, it was the latest in candle making technology because it had a cleaner burn than traditionally used tallow candles. It was also a lot less expensive to produce and it quickly became the most commonly used wax for candles.

Paraffin wax can be difficult to remove, especially if it has been left to harden or has found its way onto your furniture or carpet etc. Like chewing gum, it embeds itself amongst the fibres of the carpet, thus making it more difficult to budge. Removing paraffin wax takes a gentle but effective solvent, such as C-Tec’s Multisolve.

Multisolve is ideal for cleaning and removing paraffin wax. It will remove the waxy substance in just a few minutes and will not leave any residue behind. To apply Multisolve, simply spray onto the wax you want to remove, leave it to set for a few minutes and then come back with a cloth to simply remove the wax from the surface of the material. Multisolve will not burn or damage the material OR the person using the product. Solvents are known to irritate the skin and cause redness, but Multisolve will never irritate the skin because it is an aliphatic solvent and contains no recycled solvents.

In addition to removing wax, Multisolve is also used to remove a range of other materials such as printing ink, adhesives, sealants, oil, silicone and grease. It comes in an easy-to-use 200ml and 500ml aerosol. It is often used as preliminary treatment for adhesives or paint, as it is ideal for cleaning and preparing the area before adhesive application. For the cheapest and safest solution for your paintwork – think Multisolve. This fantastic solvent will never attack the paint and will always provide you with first class results.

If you thought that wax could be removed with warm water alone, you’d be mistaken. Paraffin wax is actually a lot stronger than most people give it credit for and it isn’t just used for wax candles. It has an extremely high heat capacity and can be re-used. It can even be used for drywall in home building materials. It may sound unusual, but it actually works extremely well as a great source of heat. For example, using paraffin wax in the drywall during the manufacture process means that the wax would melt during the daytime and absorb heat at the same time. Once night came around, the wax would harden and release the heat. Thanks to its expandable qualities when melted, wax can also be used in thermostats for automobile, domestic and industrial purposes. Such a strong substance needs a strong solvent such as Multisovle to remove it.

Remove Paraffin wax with CT1 Multisolve!


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