How to remove paint from wooden stair balustrades

Lacklustre painted wooden balustrades can detract from the overall attractive look of your staircase and home. As a pivotal feature in many houses’ entrance hallways wooden balustrades form the focal integral part between stairs and handrail that attracts visitors immediate attention and prompts an instant impact. There is only one way to ensure the impression is positive and that is to maintain the paint finish to the highest standard. Remediating the decorative deficit presents the initial problem of removing the old layer of paint in a fast, safe and efficient manner. The objective of the exercice is to prepare the object surface to receive a new coat of paint. To achieve that end the surface must be prepared to the highest standard of cleanliness so the paint sticks without rippling or blemish. Traditionally painters had several methods for doing so, unfortunately all with their own disadvantages. These included the use of a Blowtorch to heat the paint – a laborious, time consuming and uneconomical solution. Another method is the use of paint stripper which can emit noxious fumes and may require several applications to completely remove stubborn layers of paint. The third method involves the mechanical use of sanders, both manual and power driven, which spew clouds of unhealthy residual dust that can cause respiratory and eye stinging problems. So painters awaited a new magical formula that would eliminate the failings of those tried and tested paint removing products.

New safe, fast, effective paint remover for stair balustrades.

Trade painters frowns of disillusionment and have suddenly transformed into smiles of complete satisfaction with the arrival of C Tec’s latest invention – a revolutionary paint removal product. It presents the complete package as a safe, fast and effective product and is receiving vociferous acclaim from the Construction Industry and professional painters alike. As a transformational product to the Building Industry its prowess as an effective product is further enhanced by its other attributes. The main feature as a safe product is the chemical formulation which keeps it free of Methyl Chloride, an element that can cause a multitude of health problems. Moreover, its safe claims give assurance to operatives and all third parties that it is non toxic and does not emit any vapours or fumes that might be harmful from both a health and environmental perspective. Peel Tec is the new revolutionary way to remove paint. From a purely product operational angle Peel Tec is simple to use. It is dispensed from a handy aerosol container via a unique nozzle which controls the spray application and restricts it to the correct amount for the particular target material and surface area. It is a fast acting agent which will prepare the surface for paint removal within ten minutes at which point a scraper will quickly remove the flaky detritus. It is a very fast process that saves on time and money and keeps both the operative and the customer very pleased and happy. The product’s versatility means that it is effective and clinically efficient on practically all materials and surfaces, giving the serious painter a heads up on the competition.

Peel Tec is undoubtedly the future for removing paint from balustrades and for providing the sterile receptive surface necessary for the effective application of a new coat of paint to restore their original pristine decorative finish.

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