How to remove paint from a wooden soffit board

The best approach to removing paint from wooden soffit board is to research the full inventory of paint removal products and pick the safest and most effective solution. Soffit board as a protective cover for protruding roof trusses at the eaves of a house performs a functional role. However it clearly attracts the eye in its overhead horizontal location. Over time it succumbs to weather extremes and displays cracked and peeling paint which can allow water seepage and promote wood rot. These defects, which if not remedied, can lead to the expensive alternative of replacing the soffit in its entirety. In this instance prevention is much cheaper than the cure. The most important aspect of this challenge is to ensure the old paint is completely removed to reveal a clean wood surface that is receptive to a fresh coat of paint. The obvious test is how to remove the paint from the wooden soffit board effectively. Unfortunately none of the traditional methods are satisfactory. They are either, in general, unsafe or not totally efficient. The common means of removing paint include Heat treatment which is slow and emits fumes and smoke. Solvents are harsh and caustic, emitting unpleasant and even dangerous vapours and fumes and Mechanical methods, both manual and electrical, are laborious. They also generate harmful effects by producing clouds of dust that can irritate both eyes and the respiratory system. That leaves a void in the whole availability of a satisfactory solution for safe and effective paint removal.

A fully efficient safe paint removal solution is now available

The status quo in existing unsatisfactory methods of safely removing paint from a wooden soffit board has been turned on its head with the development of an all embracing solution by the C Tec team who invented the illustrious Snag List Eliminator family of sealants and adhesives specifically for the Construction Industry. Peel Tec is the amazing brainchild of the talented and innovative researchers and developers at C Tec. This revolutionary paint removal product is first and foremost safe. Its formulation is Methyl Chloride free which resonates clearly with a consumer population that is increasingly safety conscious. From a technical perspective it is the most effective product to come to the market. That claim is substantiated by the accolades and amazing reviews it is receiving from the Construction Industry and the Painting and Decorating sector in particular. Peel Tec is a versatile paint removal solution that is clinically effective on practically every material and can cope with the most challenging tasks, so it is perfect for removing paint from a wooden soffit board. It can be applied in the right amount to the wooden soffit board from its aerosol container, reacting immediately to dissolve the paint and produce a peel away residue that can be removed effortlessly to leave a clean, well prepared, paint ready  surface. With Peel Tec your soffit board will accept a smooth new coat of paint with no rippling , streaking or any other paint defects providing new protection against rotting and giving the soffit board a fresh new decorative finish.

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