How to remove paint from a Wooden Rocking Horse

A Wooden Rocking Horse is a cherished child’s toy and often becomes a family heirloom which provides great fun and enjoyment for successive generations of young children. The range and variety of paint colourings in rocking horses has continually changed over the years in accordance with current styles and  popular colour preferences. Whilst some have flat paint finishes others have lacquered finishes.Through constant use they all eventually reach the stage where a restorative paint job becomes necessary to maintain their integrity and restore their original hue. This is a task for a painter with special skills and an eye for intricate paintwork. However that is not the only challenging aspect of the restoration, the major concern being the removal of the old paint before the repaint process can begin.The best product for the task, capable of removing the paint and lacquer effectively needs to possess special qualities ensuring the paint is removed quickly, safely and efficiently to reveal a clinically clean surface receptive to a repaint.Traditional methods of removing paint are unsafe, labour intensive and not economical. Sanding is a dusty and tedious means of stripping paint while heat treatment or the blow torch can leave scorch marks on the material surface as well as causing eye stinging and respiratory problems.Trade painters have long awaited a product that is safe, effective and  labour saving.Their prayers have been answered with the invention of an amazing new paint removal solution that displays all the requisite qualities of a totally professional solution.

The best paint remover is fast, safe, efficient and economical.

This amazing product, the result of intensive research and development, provides an effective and safe solution to the problem of removing paint from multiple surfaces. Its inherent properties make it the ideal agent for an intricate job like clearing old paint from a wooden rocking horse. Its invasive action ensures removal of layers of paint without causing damage or scratching to  the material, providing a clinically clean surface for the application of a new coat of paint.The product is receiving universal acclaim as the best paint remover ever to be developed specifically for the Construction Industry. Its versatility means it has a wide usage range covering practically every material from wood to metal. Its formulation makes it both powerful and safe. As a Methyl Chloride free product it does not cause health issues and is vapourless and non-toxic. Technically, it is a highly proficient product that gets the job done in half the time of traditional methods.  Peel Tec is a very innovative invention that actually does what it claims. No more tedious, labour intensive time spent on removing paint. With Peel Tec you simply spray a gel from an aerosol container onto the target material surface. The application via a unique nozzle delivers the correct amount of product to the desired area and dissolves the paint layers within ten minutes, ready for peeling away. The peel away process is quite effortless and leaves a clean surface for a new coat of paint. This revolutionary product and solution to paint removal will reveal a smooth clean rocking horse surface that can be carefully and skilfully repainted to restore its original integrity and to nurture many more generations of happy children.

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