How to remove paint from a wardrobe

It is imperative to know how to remove paint from a wardrobe as this is a necessary precursor to applying a fresh coat of paint. Without a thorough preparation process you are not guaranteed a successful paint restoration job. Painting and decorating professionals will remind you that the work is in the preparation. Without a really clean material surface it is unlikely that you can restore the wardrobe to its original integrity with a smooth coat of paint. Blemishes or defects left by an ineffective paint removal process will certainly have a negative impact on the repaint procedure and outcome. So it is essential that you use an effective and safe paint removal product to provide a clinically clean wardrobe surface ready to receive a new coat of paint. If it is sticky, too dry, dusty or even dirty the paint will not stick to the surface causing it to run and ripple which in turn will not facilitate a smooth paint finish. The problem is finding an effective paint removing product that is safe, fast acting and easy to apply and remove from the material surface. Traditional methods of paint removal all have their drawbacks and are not safe which creates a challenging situation to find the best solution. Heat treatments are very slow and ineffectual while blowtorch deployment can scorch the wood and produce noxious smoky fumes. Solvents are extremely harsh while mechanical methods such as manual or electrical sanders create clouds of dust that irritate the respiratory system. Trade painters awaited a revolutionary sea change in the paint removal situation and indeed their wishes were granted with the arrival of a new product that has recently been developed by C Tec – a paint removal product that is truly fit for purpose.

The best product to remove paint safely and efficiently

This innovative paint removing solution from C Tec takes the work out of the process. It possesses qualities that tick all the boxes for an effective and safe product and dispenses with the tedious and unsafe methods of the past by providing a fast method of peeling old paint from multiple surfaces. Peel Tec is the now legendary paint peeling product that has taken the Construction Industry and the Paint and Decorating sector in particular, by storm. Its essential credentials as a safe Methyl Chloride free formulation are lauded by a very impressed and growing group of consumers right across Europe. Once sprayed onto the target surface this magical solution gets to work at once to detach the layer or layers of paint without causing damage or scratching to the material. Within ten minutes it will eat through the old paint leaving a residue that can literally be peeled away with a scraper. A thoroughly clean and properly prepared surface will be revealed to receive a new coat of paint that will transform the wardrobe into a good as new reinvention of itself. Professional painters agree that the most important part of repainting a wardrobe is the removal of the old paint in preparation for the new smooth covering of paint. Peel Tec accomplishes that task with great effectiveness by leaving a clinically clean surface for the facelift repaint procedure. This efficient product comes in a handy aerosol container and dispenses the exact amount of product required via a unique nozzle that controls the flow meticulously, ensuring it is not over or under dispensed. The result of this new paint removal product is a wardrobe that looks spanking new.

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