How to remove paint from a tree house

The Main problem with painting a tree house is removing the old layer of paint before applying the new coat. It is traditionally a painstakingly slow process which if not done meticulously will not prepare the material surface properly to receive a fresh layer of paint. How to remove the old layer or layers of paint is the issue you need to resolve to ensure a clinically clean surface. You are basically looking for a paint removal agent that is safe, effective, fast working, easy to clear away and leaves a thoroughly clean surface to receive the new coat of paint. Traditional methods of removing paint have disadvantages and are unsafe. Heat treatment or use of a Blowtorch to melt the paint creates eye stinging fumes that can also cause respiratory issues. When used on wood, scorching and damage to the surface can be the unfortunate result. Another method, mechanical sanding, can also cause respiratory problems with dust emission  again it is a very slow process. Then there is the solvent method which is harsh and can give off vapours. None of these methods proved satisfactory from either a safety perspective or as effective paint removers.  Parents are very careful about their children’s health and would certainly not allow any toxic substance to be deployed in repainting their child’s tree house. What you are in search of is a product that removes paint safely, effectively and quickly. I

We now have an excellent solution for paint removal

There is now a super safe paint remover on the market that is perfect for removing paint from a tree house. The brainchild of C Tec, it takes the intensive labour out of the more traditional methods of removing paint and provides a pristine surface for an application of fresh paint. It complies fully with safety standards which is an extremely important factor when dealing with an area frequented by children and is cost effective when compared to other paint removers. In the research and development phase of C Tec’s revolutionary paint remover particular attention was given to the safety aspects of the new product and every effort was made to ensure it did not contain any toxic chemicals that would be a risk or danger to anyone. Not only is it vapourless and fumes free but it is also Methyl Chloride free which is a very reassuring feature of the product’s recognised claim to being  safe. Peel Tec, like all other C Tec Adhesives and Sealants, has joined the Snag List Eliminator Inventory as an effective, economical and very popular  product that is lauded by both the Construction Industry and domestic sector. From a more practical perspective it is technically superior to all other similar products available to the Construction Industry. The very name of the product “Peel Tec” provokes an image of paint literally peeling off the target material surface to leave a well prepared area for the application of a new coat of paint. That actually is the reality of this incredible product which is quickly winning a growing popularity for its effectiveness right across the UK, Ireland and many European countries as well. C Tec, the inventors and manufacturers are extremely busy keeping distributors supplied with this magical paint remover, with painters proclaiming its capability and proficiency as a fast safe and effective paint remover. It is fast becoming a ‘must have’ for painters and decorators going about their daily business who claim that it cuts costs, time and hassle in comparison with other methods of paint removal. They are very happy with a product that removes paint from multiple surfaces without danger or damage and is less labour intensive than any of its competitors such as harsh solvents or heat methods. The product’s versatility means it is a one stop shop for practically all paint removal tasks and with the reassurance of its non toxicity as well, it is truly a revelation in terms of safe fast and economical paint removal.

Peel Tec is easy to dispense from a convenient aerosol with a unique nozzle which enables a precise spray application of the paint remover onto the target surface area. As a fast acting agent it will work its magic within ten minutes simply allowing you to peel the paint away with minimum effort and no gunge residue to clean up. C Tec have really come up with a magnificent product that is taking the painting and decorating industry by storm.

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