How to remove paint from a stair handrail or banister.


It is a difficult challenge to remove paint from a stair handrail or banister and traditional methods of paint removal prove to be ineffective and unsafe. It is unimaginable that you could ever return to using traditional methods such as burning, stripping with a hazardous solvent or sanding mechanically with the resultant undesirable choking clouds of dust. Those unsafe, ineffective and uneconomical ways are consigned to the past with painters and decorators giving a sigh of relief as they fully embrace C Tec’s latest paint removal solution, the new kid on the block. Stair handrails will continue to look shoddy after a coat of paint if they are not properly prepared. A slipshod approach will only exacerbate the problem. The most important thing is to ensure they are clear of all previous layers of paint so the new coat can be applied to a clinically clean surface. That is the only way to maintain their integrity and restore them to their original decorative condition. It is crucial to find the latest invention that can provide the clean smooth surface required for a new application of paint and a professional finish. This is particularly cogent with moulded and lathe turned stair handrails that present a more complex surface for paint removal and repainting. The best paint removal product is required to do this job quickly, efficiently and safely.

Labour saving amazing paint remover that is effective and safe

A revolutionary paint removal product which has been researched, developed and manufactured by C Tec is creating quite a stir in the Construction Industry with particular relevance to the painting and decorating sector. Hailed as the most amazing product of its kind, it is selling in huge quantities right across the UK, Ireland and Europe. With its mantra of “Don’t burn it. Peel it”, it is fast becoming a stock-in-trade item for all painters and decorators who are so happy to say goodbye to those tedious and unsafe ways of removing paint. It is the perfect solution for removing multiple layers of paint which you invariably find on wood stair handrails. With its unique formula and versatility it can cope with this most challenging task and is ideal for removing those stubborn layers of paint. It is a simple process – just spray the product onto the handrail, leave it to react and within ten minutes you can remove the residue with a paint scraper and with minimal effort.This amazing product which was developed with the Construction Industry in mind, is taking the painting and decorating sector by storm. It works safely and effectively on multiple surfaces with clinical efficiency, saving time and labour. Its Methyl Chloride free formulation provides assurance that the product does not have a constituent that raises health concerns. Its popularity is based on the experience of trade painters who confirm that it actually “does what it says on the tin” – to quote a rather cliched marketing strapline. It is truly inspiring to witness how a stair handrail can be transformed from a lumpy piece of wood into a beautifully smooth painted finish. That is how effectively Peel Tec, the revolutionary paint remover, can shift unwanted layers of paint to provide a clinically clean surface for the application of a new coat of paint to restore its original integrity.

Once applied to the stair handrail the spray gel gets to work immediately on removing the old paint. Within ten minutes the residual peel can be scraped away effortlessly with a paint scraper leaving a clinically clean surface for the new coat of paint.  Peel Tec’s presentation in a 500ml aerosol and its controlled release of the product spray on to the target surface via a unique nozzle add value to the product’s credibility. Iits major appeal however, lies in its ability to remove paint effectively and safely with no dangerous vapours or damage to the surface of the target material

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