How to remove paint from a smooth stone chimney breast.

Finding the most effective solution to remove paint efficiently from a smooth stone chimney breast is the answer to getting the job done effectively. Such a material surface requires a proprietary type solution that is capable of removing the paint without damaging the substrate or compromising the painting process. It is essential to get it right considering how impactful the chimney breast is as a focus feature in the living room. The first thing to do is always try the product out on an inconspicuous part of the material surface as a validity test. If there are no problems then you are sure there is no issue with the particular material and with that reassurance you can progress the procedure of removing all the paint without delay. Unfortunately there is no one safe and effective product that will fulfil the requirements of a fail safe paint removal product.  If we consider the traditional methods of removing paint we find first and foremost that none are completely safe. That is a major drawback coupled with their less than perfect technical proficiency. Solvent use can present potential problems with damage to the material base and unsafe vapour emissions. Mechanical methods including electrical and manual sanding can cause dust emissions and resulting harmful effects. Heat treatment can cause surface scorching and burns with resulting smoke and fumes emissions which can sting eyes and irritate the respiratory tract. It is also a labour intensive operation that is tedious and tiresome and is not popular with the Paint trade. The dilemma is – do you resort to these less than effective solutions or can you find a more efficient method that is safe. Thankfully a revolutionary paint removing product is now available to the Trade thanks to C Tec.

A paint removal solution to meet your requirements.

C Tec have researched and developed a magical paint removal product that fulfils all the criteria for a safe effective paint dissolution and removal solution. It comes in the form of Peel Tec, an amazing product that is formulated to be Methyl Chloride free. That should resonate with safety conscious consumers who are demanding high levels of product safety as a prerequisite for product endorsement. This brand new invention says goodbye to all those tedious and unsafe methods of the past and heralds an era of technically superior paint removal developments. Peel Tec is delivered from a handy aerosol with a unique nozzle that directs the right amount of product to the required surface area in the form of a spray gel. On application this solution gets to work immediately on the paint, dissolving it into a peel away residue that is easily removable from the material base. This incredibly versatile solution works on practically all materials leaving a clinically clean surface that is perfectly paint ready. This unique product reduces labour with no dangerous vapours or accidental surface damage. Your stone chimney breast will come like new with the help of Peel Tec and a new smooth coat of paint.

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