How to remove paint from a rusty metal gate

As you spend more time in your garden over summer, you may start to notice a few garden jobs that need doing. One common outdoor DIY job is giving your rusty metal gate a new lease of life.

When they’re well looked after, metal gates can give an ornate look to your home and garden. But, after continued exposure to extreme temperatures and weather, they can start to lose their luxury finish. With rain and humidity attacking the metal, rust is inevitable. This then disrupts the paint, causing blisters, cracks, and discolouration over time. Replacing this with a fresh coat could be all your gate needs to get that lavish look once more.

How to prepare your gate for repainting

Getting a great finish on any repainting job starts with preparation. When revamping a rusty metal gate, it’s necessary to get all of the old paint off first so you can achieve a clean and professional final look. But what’s the most efficient way to remove paint from tricky surfaces like this?

Peel Tec is the perfect product for stripping paint from difficult spaces and surfaces. Its aerosol application and handy nozzle allow you to deliver the right amount of Peel Tec into even the most challenging spots. It’s also an unbelievably versatile product that works with the same clinical efficiency on a range of materials, including metal, wood, marble, hard plastic, cement, brickwork, and more. If you have a wooden gate in need of updating, you can use Peel Tec on that too.

Using Peel Tec is very simple. Due to its easy style of application, all you need to do is shake the can and then evenly spray Peel Tec across the painted metal. Then wait for ten minutes. You should be able to see the old paint peel away from the gate. Next, take a scraper and use it to ease the paint away from the metal. It should come off with little effort, leaving no damage to the metal underneath. This is because Peel Tec is uniquely formulated to be non-aggressive. So, unlike other products on the market, Peel Tec will not affect the base material. Instead, Peel Tec prepares the material perfectly for re-coating, meaning that you can clean off the surface and instantly apply your new coat of paint. This drastically reduces the time you’ll need to spend on your DIY job and guarantees a far better finish.

Peel Tec comes from the C-Tec family of sealants and adhesives designed specifically for use in the construction industry and building trade. It joins their Snag List Eliminator Inventory of products which are trusted across the industry for their safe, easy to use, and high-quality results. C-Tec is proud to provide a paint stripping solution to the painting trade that’s safe and effective. Now, Peel Tec is the paint remover that fills the void and does exactly what it says on the label.

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