How to remove paint from a plastic waste pipe

The first thing to do when considering removing paint from any plastic is to perform a compatibility test on a small area of the surface material to ensure there is no negative reaction and so avoid potential damage to the base material. There are a number of traditional methods of removing paint from various surfaces but none unfortunately are completely safe. Some are also deficient in their capacity to remove the paint effectively and require repeat efforts to accomplish the task. Even with that, they do not provide a clinically clean base for the effective application of a smooth new coat of paint. Since that is the desired outcome of the paint removal process, choosing an efficient paint removal product is essential to achieving the aspired objective. One of the tried and tested methods of paint removal is heat treatment. This proves a time consuming process that creates fumes and smoke which can cause respiratory problems and stinging eyes. The use of a blowtorch in the procedure can scorch the base material producing nauseating smoke, particularly on burnt wood surfaces and that is not a safe side effect. Another method is the use of electrical or manual sanders. This mechanical method is painfully laborious and produces a lot of dust which also causes respiratory problems and stings the operative’s eyes. A third method that is widely used over the recent past is solvents. They are notoriously accepted as harsh and sometimes toxic and operatives need to ensure they are not caustic – inflicting damage on the material surface. Solvents can also emit invisible but unpleasant vapours that can irritate the eyes and respiratory system so the product needs to be carefully vetted before deployment. At this juncture we have to ask the question – is there a fail safe paint removal product out there for general use?

An innovative new paint remover has been launched

There are many factors to consider in your quest to find a fail safe paint removal product – the two most important being the safety and efficiency elements of the chemical formulation.  In answer to the main query – yes, there is now an effective paint removal product available to the paint and decorating business in the form of ‘Peel Tec’. This is an amazing formulation researched and developed by C Tec specifically for the Construction Industry. Its European wide distribution has prompted international product endorsement as a painter’s mate ‘de rigueur’. In colloquial parlance it actually does what it says on the tin and is proving to be the fail safe paint removal solution it claims to be on its container labelling. It is technically superior to and safer than its industry competitors and removes layers of paint cleanly and effortlessly within ten minutes of application. Peel Tec comes in a handy aerosol receptacle which directs the right amount of product via a unique nozzle to the precise target surface area. It acts immediately on dissolving the paint into an easily removable peel away residue which when scraped off reveals a clean paint ready material surface. So all you have to do is spray the product onto the waste pipe and watch the paint disintegrate.  Peel Tec is compatible with multiple material bases and removes the paint without causing any damage to the surface area or compromising the painting process. This incredibly versatile product is the perfect solution for removing old paint from practically any base material with no dangerous vapours or accidental damage and no health risk thanks to its  Methyl Chloride free formulation. Your waste pipe will come up as good as new with the help of Peel Tec.

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