How to remove paint from a metal fence

Restoring the cosmetic look of a metal fence when new, requires knowledge, skill patience and the right paint remover product. To get back to the bare metal can be quite a task, depending on how many coats of paint have been applied in the interim. Tiresome and lengthy methods of removing paint from metal fencing have been consigned to the past. Heat treatment and use of the blow torch cause fumes and vapours that can sting eyes and cause discomfort. Mechanical methods such as manual and electrical sanding create dust which can cause respiratory discomfort and solvents prove to be very harsh with vapour emissions. These processes also prove to be very time consuming and uneconomical. thanks to the arrival of a versatile paint removal product that does the job more effectively and much faster. C Tec’s latest innovative invention heralds a new era of paint removal that is both efficient and more economical than traditional counterparts. Developed and manufactured specifically for the construction industry, Peel Tec is attracting the commendation of trade painters and distributors alike, being hailed and lauded as the best paint remover ever to be launched. This revolutionary product joins an inventory of Snag List Eliminators which C Tec has researched and developed to assist the building sector. As an addition to its successful range of sealant and adhesives which are widely acclaimed for their proficiency across the UK, Ireland and Europe, this paint remover saves on time and effort by providing a clinically clean surface on practically all materials in preparation for the application of a fresh coat of paint.

Strip paint from a metal fence with Peel Tec, top paint remover.

With C Tec’s latest product that process has been made much easier and more effective. In combination with another C Tec product, Multisolve, a unique safe solution that removes silicones, adhesives and a multitude of stubborn deposits, the metal fence can be cleared completely of all residual detritus so a new paint application adheres effectively to the surface providing the desired original factory finish.

Peel Tec possesses the necessary properties to ensure that objective is achieved quickly and efficiently. Its formulation provides a product that is not only proficient but safe. Its chemical constituents are Methyl Chloride free and do not produce noxious vapours, accidental scratching or damage. It is a very versatile paint removal solution working effectively on practically all surfaces and allowing the old paint to be easily peeled away with a scraper. Compared to other paint removal methods this product can complete the task in a fraction of the time providing a paint ready receptive surface. These positive properties account for a much more economical and effective means of removing the old paint in preparation for the new paint application. There is no more need for harsh solvents or unsafe heat and mechanical paint removal methods to clear old paint from metal fence surfaces in preparation for a repaint. Peel Tec leaves the metal surface just perfect to receive the new coat of paint with no hazardous side effects.

This paint removal solution comes in a handy aerosol with a unique spray trigger mechanism that allows the delivery of the exact amount of paint remover required. It reacts quickly with the paint and within ten minutes the treated paint is ready for removal or peel away with a paint scraper. The physical demand is minimal and the fast results are astounding, providing a clinically clean base for a repaint that will restore the metal fence to its former glory. The metal fence can be prepared to a professional standard so it welcomes a new smooth, restorative coat of paint.

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