How to remove paint from a log cabin exterior

To remove paint from a log cabin exterior you need a proprietary paint removal product that is chemically capable of dissolving the paint quickly and safely so it can be peeled away with ease to reveal a clinically clean surface ready for a new coat of paint. The painted finish on log cabins has a twofold purpose – one to help preserve the wood and two to provide an appealing, transformative cosmetic appearance to the exterior.  One of the problems with painted wood exteriors is the tendency to develop air bubbles especially if the paint was applied to a damp surface. These bubbles can fill with water and hasten corrosion of the underlying wooden surface. That is why it is essential to remove old paint before applying a new coat. In this instance, where there is probably multiple layers of paint to be removed, the task requires a fail safe solution that can effectively dissolve the paint to a peel away residue that leaves a clinically clean surface for a new coat of paint. With a large area like a log cabin exterior it is essential to perform the paint removal task in a systematic fashion – literally one horizontal log at a time to ensure complete and effective coverage. Any solution needs to be safe as well as efficient to protect the painter and other third parties. Ideally the product needs to be easily applicable, and quick acting with the resulting residue also easily  removable. Unfortunately, traditional methods of paint removal have proved less than efficient and unsafe. The three main forms all have drawbacks and safety issues. Heat treatment is painfully slow and can produce noxious fumes and smoke. Mechanical methods such as manual and power sanding are labour intensive and slow and produce dust that irritates the eyes and respiratory system. Harsh Solvents can overcook the process and damage the substrate whilst also emitting toxic vapours and fumes. A better solution is required – and has arrived recently in the form of a revolutionary new paint removal product that is taking the Paint and Decorating sector by storm.

A new revolutionary product resolves the paint removal problem.

The whole process of removing paint from a log cabin exterior has just become a lot easier and more effective with the arrival of Peel Tec, a unique formulation from the C Tec Research and Development team that ticks all the boxes for a safe efficient paint removal solution. In terms of safety it comes with complete reassurance as a Methyl Chloride free formulation. From a technically superior perspective Peel Tec dissolves the paint within ten minutes of application leaving a clean surface ready for a new coat of paint. The residue of dissolved paint can be peeled away quite effortlessly with a scraper to reveal an intact material base that is free from any accidental damage. This surface is completely receptive to a fresh repaint which will be blemish and streak free. This perfect paint application will protect the wood more effectively and will provide a renewed lustrous cosmetic finish to rejuvenate the overall exterior aspect of the log cabin. This revolutionary product comes in a handy aerosol container that delivers the exact amount of product required to the precise surface location via a unique nozzle with automated product delivery control. Peel Tec is the perfect solution for removing paint from a log cabin exterior, allowing the application of a new coat of paint to protect against rot and to renew the appealing cosmetic appearance of the wooden logs.

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