How to remove paint from a Barn Door

How to remove paint from a barn door seems on the surface, to the layperson, an easy problem to resolve. However delve into the issue and it becomes more complex.You imagine there is a well established effective method of preparing the material surface for a fresh coat of paint. The reality is quite different in so far as there is no safe fool proof traditional method to resolve the challenge. A range of paint removal methods are available to the Painting and Decorating business to get the job done but they are all unsafe and have serious drawbacks. A Barn door is susceptible to extreme weather conditions and may be subject to many layers of paint applied to withstand frost, snow, rain and extreme summer heat. The paint being more of a protective feature than a cosmetic one requires periodic updating to maintain its integrity as an effective secure wooden door that buffers the forces of nature to protect the barn’s contents, valuable or otherwise. That being said many people including farmers take an extraordinary pride in their barn doors, ensuring they always display an attractive fresh coat of paint. That does not diminish the task of removing the old to be replaced by the new. It is not as straight forward as it may sound. To remove paint from a barn door you need an effective strategy since a lot of work is required to prepare it thoroughly for the application of a new fresh painted look. Many methods of paint removal have been tried over the years and they all have their failings with the common denominator that none are safe. Sanding, both in its manual and electrical forms proves dusty and tiresome. Heating the paint with a blow torch or other means is also slow work producing nasty fumes and smoke. Solvents are very harsh and can cause eye and respiratory irritation as well as inflicting damage to the material surface. A safer more efficient and faster method is necessary to streamline the process of removing paint from a barn door.

A safe efficient surface cleaning paint remover is now available

You can breathe a sigh of relief and smile with the arrival on the market of an innovative paint remover that ticks all the requisite boxes for being effective, safe, fast working and easily peeled away to leave a clean surface for a repaint job. C Tec have developed this amazing product – Peel Tec – to cover all bases in the paint removal process. It joins the successful C Tec family of Snag List Eliminators that comprise sealants and adhesives developed for the Construction Industry. This inventive product simply sprays from an aerosol canister via a unique controlling nozzle allowing precision application of the product to the target surface. Within ten minutes the gel like substance eats into the paint leaving a residue that can easily be peeled away to reveal a clinically clean base ready for a new coat of paint. This magical formula is Methyl Chloride free which makes it a much safer paint remover to deploy. It resonates with a growing professional fan base who extoll its virtues as the most effective paint removal product available to the trade. Designed specifically for the Construction Industry, Peel Tec is taking the Painting and Decorating sector by storm right across the UK, Ireland and Europe. It is becoming the universal solution for removing paint and is ideal for the task of removing paint from a barn door.

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