How to Remove Old Lacquer Finishes from ANY surface

Although lacquer finishes are glossy and attractive, they can form a stubborn layer that becomes difficult to remove. Lacquer is often used on wooden surfaces and desired for its hard and durable finish. Some lacquers provide a matte finish while others leave a high gloss finish that’s very attractive to many homeowners and furniture fanatics. However, because of its durable properties, removing old lacquer from surfaces can prove to be a challenge. Fortunately, we know exactly how you can remove old lacquer from virtually any surface, and we’re pleased to inform you that it’s not as hard as it looks!


Safety first!

Traditional methods of lacquer removal aren’t the safest options in the world. Classic paint strippers produce intense fumes while heating guns pose even more health hazards. For those reasons alone, you should consider opting for a safer formula for lacquer removal such as Peel Tec from C-Tec. Peel Tec doesn’t release any hazardous vapours that could cause you or people around you harm, which makes it one of the safest options for removing the lacquer.


What is Peel Tec and why should you care?

Good question. Peel Tec is more than just a revolutionary lacquer remover. It’s different than other products before it because it removes all kinds of paints from all types of surfaces. And, more importantly, it removes old lacquer safely.

Peel Tec is 100% Methyl Chloride FREE. Plus, it’s extremely versatile and quick to act, which means you can remove old lacquer finishes effortlessly and efficiently. It’s great for removing lacquer finishes from surfaces such as wood, stone, metal, brickwork, and asphalt. One of the many advantages of using Peel Tec is the fact that it leaves behind a perfect surface which you can either leave as is or repaint it.


Using Peel Tec to Remove Lacquer

Peel Tec is very easy to use from a handy aerosol. Simply give the can a shake and test the compatibility of the surface before ‘going all in.’ Once you’re happy with the results, you can proceed to use Peel Tec to remove all of the old lacquer from the surface. Whether you’re removing varnish from wooden furniture or graffiti from a stone wall, Peel Tec is effective as a universal lacquer remover.

Direct the nozzle towards the surface and control how much product you wish to apply. Give it time to take effect. If the lacquer is old and/or there’s a lot of layers to work through, it might take slightly longer but you won’t have to be patient for long. In most cases, Peel Tec gets to work within 10 minutes. When it’s ready, grab a tool such as a scraper and begin to gently remove the lacquer. If you notice that some stubborn deposits persist, you can repeat the process to finish off the job.

Peel Tec will work on almost all materials and reduce labour considerably with no dangerous vapours or accidental scratching. If you want to find out more about Peel Tec and its various applications, you can click here to read more helpful articles on this product.

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