How to remove mould from bathroom sealant

Are you tired of scrubbing filthy black mould from your bathroom sealant? Want to find out how you can prevent mould from growing on your bathroom sealant for good?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, you’ve come to the right place. Here at C-Tec, we know a thing or two about preventing mould from growing on bathroom sealants and the secret doesn’t lie with some washing up liquid and a bowl of warm water!

If you really want to eliminate mould from your bathroom, you need to use a real bathroom sealant that has the power to prevent and eliminate bacteria. If you stick with traditional silicone sealants, you’ll constantly have to clean and remove mould from all over your bathroom for the rest of your days. If that doesn’t sound like your idea of a good time, keep reading to discover why C-Tec’s latest development in bathroom sealant and adhesive technology, BT1, is the world’s number one mould-resistant bathroom sealant.


Why cleaning mould from bathroom sealant isn’t enough

When you’re dealing with mould on your bathroom sealant, the problem usually occurs because of the rubbery surface of the sealant. Yes, your bathroom sealant might be waterproof and to the naked eye, it seems to be doing a great job keeping shower panels and tiles in place. However, a trained eye (and a microscope) can reveal all sorts of harmful bacteria and fungus hidden from plain sight.

Removing mould from your old bathroom sealant requires a concoction of baking soda, white vinegar, water and a lot of elbow grease. After scrubbing for what feels like a lifetime, the mould will appear to lift from the sealant. However, it won’t be long before you’re right back at it again when the mould re-grows in a few weeks. Cleaning mould from your bathroom sealant offers a temporary solution to the problem but to remove mould permanently, you need to tackle the root of the problem – the sealant!


Replacing your old sealant with BT1

The only way to ensure that mould is removed from your bathroom sealant for good is to use a sealant that has been scientifically proven to reduce bacteria and mould. BT1 is an excellent sanitaryware product not just for domestic bathrooms, but for public health institutions such as clinics and hospitals.

With its revolutionary TRIBRID® technology, BT1 makes it easier to achieve and maintain a hygienic surface in the bathroom free of solvents, isocyanates and mould. It’s 100% waterproof and will prevent moisture from seeping behind your bathroom fixtures while ensuring that mould cannot penetrate its surface.

You can use BT1 all over your bathroom and not have to worry about it shrinking or cracking. You can even stick mirrors straight to the wall and install new fixtures without having to return further down the line to clean and remove mould that has grown on its surface.

BT1 isn’t just the best option for sealing your bathroom, it’s the healthiest option!

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