How to Remove Masking Tape

Making tape, although incredibly useful, often leaves sticky residue behind it once it has been removed. You could try picking away at this with your fingernails, but usually full removal requires more than just a bit of soap and water. Removing masking tape residue requires a strong but safe solvent and glue remover such as Multisolve. Unlike other solvents currently on the market, Multisolve will not burn the skin or the base material. Instead, it focuses solely on removing the residue left behind by the masking tape. It carries out a detaching method to remove masking tape residue. This works exceptionally well because it lifts the residue from the surface of the material with which it has adhered to, whilst preserving the original state of the base material.

But what makes masking tape residue so difficult to remove, and is a multi-purpose solvent such as Multisolve really necessary?

The answer is YES.

You will need a high quality solvent to remove masking tape residue because it provides fast and effective results at an extremely low cost. Masking tape is made of thin paper, which is very easy to tear. It is also combined with a pressure sensitive adhesive, which is quite sticky. Masking tape comes in a large range of widths, suitable for multiple purposes. For example, many people use it in painting as it works well in masking off the areas that are not to be painted. The problem with removal occurs afterwards, once the paint has dried and it’s time to remove the masking tape. Sometimes, you’ll notice pieces of the masking tape are refusing to budge. This is where Multisolve comes into action.

Spray Multisolve on the masking tape residue, leave to set for a few minutes and grab a cloth to help take away the remaining residues. You’ll notice how easy it has become to remove the tape, as Multisolve provides effortless results. If you find that some of the tape has become attached to the wall with a coat of dried paint, Multisolve is the ideal solution to remove the tape without causing a mess. This is because Multisolve will not remove or damage any of your paintwork, making it the ideal solution for this type of problem.

Multisolve is an exceptionally useful tool to have in any modern household. It can be used to not only remove masking tape, but other common annoyances such as grease, oil, silicone, sealant, tar, chewing gum and superglue. It is a fast and safe multi-purpose solvent degreaser, leaving absolutely no oily film behind itself. This means that once you use Multisolve to remove masking tape, there will be no traces of it left behind – not even the tiniest piece of evidence, making it ideal for clean up’s you’d like to keep discrete. It is an aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent, containing no recycled solvents in its makeup. This is why it is completely safe to use, and will cause no harm to the skin or the base material of the surface with which it has been applied to.

Multisolve is the ultimate glue and masking tape remover.


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