How to Remove Graffiti with Peel Tec – The Ultimate Graffiti Remover

Peel Tec is the best and easiest way to remove graffiti. It’s the latest development in graffiti removal products and can effectively and safely remove graffiti within ten minutes – how amazing is that?

But what makes Peel Tec the world’s best graffiti remover? And, how can you remove graffiti using this product? Keep reading to find out!


Why is Peel Tec the King of Graffiti Removers?

We’ve gone ahead and crowned Peel Tec as graffiti remover royalty, but for good reason!

Unlike other tedious and potentially harmful methods of removing paint and graffiti (such a heat, harsh solvents, and mechanical methods), Peel Tec is fast-acting and effective. It doesn’t contain any trace of methyl chloride, which is a huge advantage for a graffiti removal product.

One of the best characteristics of Peel Tec is how fast it works. As soon as you apply Peel Tec to the graffiti paint, it gets to work. It makes its way through the paint and works fast. Within ten minutes, you’ll be able to literally watch the paint peel away. This means that you don’t have to scrub the paint for hours to remove the graffiti piece by piece. All you have to do is spray, wait, and peel the paint away!

Since it works so fast, you can save a lot of time and reduce labour considerably. Peel Tec peels graffiti paint effortlessly and it does so without releasing any dangerous vapours or causing accidental scratching. With Peel Tec, you can effectively remove graffiti without damaging the base material.


How can you remove graffiti with Peel Tec?

To remove graffiti with Peel Tec, you’ll just need an aerosol of Peel Tec (obviously) and a tool to help lift paint residue following the initial application. Peel Tec is a gel-like structure and the can should be stored at room temperature before use.

Before you apply Peel Tec to the whole area, it’s a good idea to test the compatibility of the surface first. You can do this by testing the product on a small area before applying to the rest. It’s advised to spray approximately eight centimetres wide. Once you’ve sprayed the area with Peel Tec, give it time to sink in and do its job. You won’t have to wait long though as Peel Tec takes effect within ten minutes. At this stage, the graffiti paint will remove from the surface and peel away. It’s an incredible sight to see how powerful Peel Tec is at removing graffiti spray paint.

For stubborn areas or when you’re removing old graffiti with Peel Tec, you might need to give it another go over. So, you will go through each stage a discussed – spray the product onto the surface, allow to take effect, and then grab an appropriate tool to help remove the peeling paint from the surface. Then, if required, you can re-apply Peel Tec to remove any lasting residue.

Peel Tec is extremely versatile too. It will effectively remove graffiti from almost any surface including stone, wood, metal, and asphalt.

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