How To Remove Graffiti From Stone

Removing graffiti from stone may seem like a difficult task, and that used to be true before Peel Tec hit the market. Peel Tec is a revolutionary graffiti remover that comes in a handy aerosol can and uses a simple spray and peel removing process. There is no need to use a high-pressure water system or power hose and hours of scrubbing. Peel Tec gets to work within ten minutes, making it the fastest and most effective way to remove graffiti from stone.


Why is it difficult to remove graffiti from stone?

Stone is one of the most difficult materials to remove paint from. This is mainly because of the texture and porous nature of stone. Because it’s so porous, the stone will absorb more of the graffiti spray paint than non-porous materials. Paint particles seep into each little nook and cranny, making it difficult to not only detect but to remove effectively. No matter how precise you are, it’s likely that you will miss some spots of paint and fail to achieve a flawless finish. Of course, this is only a problem if you’re using an inadequate graffiti remover solution, product, or technique. With Peel Tec, you will be able to effectively remove graffiti from stone without leaving any paint residue behind.

Another reason why it’s usually difficult to remove graffiti from stone is that traditional methods can cause a lot of damage to stone. High-pressure systems are likely to cause erosion and chip away at the stone. If you decide to use a solution that contains a lot of harsh chemicals, it can lead to potential health risks and it’s just not worth it, especially when you can use a safer and effective solution such as Peel Tec.

So, what is Peel Tec and how is it able to remove graffiti from stone without causing any damage?


Remove graffiti from stone with Peel Tec!

Peel Tec is the ultimate graffiti remover and can effectively remove graffiti from stone. Unlike other graffiti removal methods, Peel Tec will not attack the base material and prepares the surface perfectly for re-coating if you choose to do so. It’s the perfect alternative to unsafe methods of removing paint such as heat, harsh solvents, and mechanical methods.

You can easily apply Peel Tec and start to remove graffiti from stone within ten minutes, which helps to reduce labour time considerably. Peel Tec acts super fast. To use it, simply spray and watch the spray paint peel away from the surface of the stone. If you have a larger area of graffiti to tackle, we suggest testing a small area of the surface first. Once satisfied, you can go all in and apply Peel Tec generously to the entire area.

Give it time to take effect. Peel Tec will work its way into the paint and reach all of those smaller cracks and areas of the stone that are harder to reach. The amount of time it takes for Peel Tec to take effect depends on the quality and age of the graffiti spray paint to be removed. For stubborn areas, you might need to repeat the process. When you see Peel Tec getting to work and the paint peels away, grab a tool to help you remove the paint residue.

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