How to remove graffiti from brick walls

Colourful graffiti splurged on your brick wall may seem like a work of art to some people, but in reality, graffiti can be a nightmare to remove. It doesn’t help the situation that brick is incredibly porous, so all of that spray paint absorbs into every nook and cranny it comes into contact with. You can’t very well scrape the graffiti off or you’ll be there for centuries, so what can you do to remove graffiti from brick walls?

The answer is Peel Tec, the world’s best graffiti remover. This revolutionary graffiti removing product is the latest technology in spray paint removal. Developed by the same creators as CT1, The Snag List Eliminator, Peel Tec has sent waves throughout the construction, painting and decorating industry. It has an impressive track record of removing graffiti from not only brick walls but concrete walls, wood, metal, stone and many more. So, let’s explore how you can use Peel Tec to remove graffiti from brick walls!

Why is it so difficult to remove graffiti from brick walls?

If you’re struggling to remove graffiti from a brick wall, you’re not the only one! Thousands of people have faced this same issue, and most have ended up sacrificing the integrity of the brick wall by using damaging graffiti removal methods.

When spray paint and brick walls come together, you’ve got yourself quite a problem. Spray paint is notoriously difficult to remove on its own, but when paired with a porous surface like brick, the task becomes far more complicated. Stripping the brick wall can be a tiresome job for a professional, never mind a DIY enthusiast or someone who wants to remove graffiti from the side of their home, etc.

Due to the difficulty, you need to use a product that will not only effectively and efficiently remove graffiti from brick walls but will do so without compromising the brick beneath the paint. Peel Tec is the ideal graffiti removal product for this application because it’ll tackle the spray paint and remove it without chipping away at the brick or causing other forms of damage.

Peel Tec: The ultimate graffiti remover

Peel Tec has proven itself to be a fast and efficient graffiti remover. It comes in a handy aerosol and because it has a unique designed nozzle, it’s easy to control how much product you wish to apply to the brick wall. If the graffiti has been left to settle for weeks, months or even years, Peel Tec will still get the job done. For tough to remove graffiti, simply apply more Peel Tec or give it a second application to make sure that all of the spray paint residue has lifted. You’ll then be able to take a regular scraper and peel the remaining residue off easily.


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